What Happened To David Nelson From My 600-lb Life?

What Happened To David Nelson From My 600-lb Life?

Dr. Now is focusing on David Nelson in the latest spoilers for My 600-Lb Life. Dr. Now has received a lot of praise this season, but David has some explaining to do. Reddit users have shared some interesting information, and we want to learn more!

Dr. Now is a straightforward person. He works hard to help his patients lose weight for gastric bypass surgery. He tries to understand why his patients are obese, and some viewers think he is too tough on them. However, others believe this is the only way to help them. In the last episode, David Nelson faced some difficult questions.

Dr. Now discovered that David doesn’t have a job, which made him curious about how David pays for his food. When asked about money, David’s foster mom stepped in. She explained that David spends all his money on food and doesn’t pay his bills, so she covers his expenses.

What Happened To David Nelson From My 600-lb Life?

The main question on Dr. Now’s mind is whether David can find the motivation to lose the extra weight. Fans have strongly reacted to David and really like him.

They believe he can lose the weight necessary for the surgery. Dr. Now has strong feelings about David’s story, but he’s there to help and wants to do his best for him.

Viewers think that David’s difficult life is one reason for his overeating. However, they believe he has the motivation to eat better and focus on his weight loss journey.

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