My 600-lb Life: Holly Hager’s so Skinny Now

My 600-lb Life: Holly Hager’s so Skinny Now

Holly Hager showed that food was a comfort to her, and she was given 600 pounds for 30 years. She then decided she “had to do something or she wouldn’t last much longer”, but admitted she had started eating more, even when she was full. By the time he was 33, he was back to 500 pounds. When she turned to Dr. Now for help, her weight-loss journey got off to a slow start, as she lost 47 pounds in the first few months.

She had dropped from a peak weight of 658 pounds to 418 pounds after weight loss surgery. Holly then lost a whopping 240 pounds, making her one of the most successful cast members of My 600-lb Life in Season 7.

Holly appeared on the show “My 600-lb Life” in season 7 episode 5. She’s from Houston, Texas, so she wasn’t far from Dr. Now’s clinic there, compared to many of the other stars on the show who have to make frequent trips to see her. She said she initially lost weight after her first surgery at 32. She had it after leaving her first husband. She got down to 338 pounds. But, her poor eating habits came back and she gained the weight back.

At the age of 38, Holly weighed over 650 lb. She told the cameras, “I wish I could change it all, but I can’t stop eating,” but was determined to lose enough weight to drastically improve her life.

My 600-lb Life: Holly Hager’s so Skinny Now

Holly Hager has continued her weight loss journey following her “My 600-lb Life”. She also works as an advanced products and independent beauty consultant for cosmetics brand Mary Kay and still lives in Houston. In October, she also shared some exciting news. Holly married her husband Ray, who works 12-hour nights. And not only is Holly’s love life an absolute success, but so is her full-fledged career.

Holly’s smiling picture shows that she is happier than ever and focused on her consulting work. Back in March 2021, the TLC star revealed that she was “doing something I love and believe in.” She asked clients if they do the same.

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