My 600-Lb Life: Susan Farmer Update 2022 – Where is She Now?

My 600-Lb Life: Susan Farmer Update 2022 – Where is She Now?

Susan Farmer underwent a grueling weight loss journey in My 600-Lb Life season 3 and has fans curious about how she’s feeling now. Since her appearance, seven more seasons have aired with new cast members going through a similar journey, but fans still remember Susan’s episode.

She gave fans a glimpse into her new life in the episode “Where Are They Now?”, but more is known about her life since then. My 600-Lb Life fans supported Susan on her weight loss journey and fans are excited to see how she has been doing since her appearance.

Susan Farmer went on “My 600-Lb Life” when she was 37 years old. At the time, she weighed 607 pounds and called her life miserable. Susan was born in west Texas, but lived in Eddy, Texas, at the time she was born and has lived there ever since.

It was easy for fans to empathize with Susan Farmer, who was on the “My 600-Lb Life” show as Octavia Nichelle, after she showed viewers as well as renowned doctor Younan “Now” Nowzaradan her commitment to improving her life. Susan lost hundreds of pounds on the show, but fans want to know if she has kept the weight off.

My 600-Lb Life: Susan Farmer Update 2022 – Where is She Now?

Susan Farmer started her journey barely able to move before becoming winded and struggling to breathe. With the help of Dr. Now, Susan was able to steadily lose enough weight through diet and exercise to have diarrhea surgery. She also underwent other procedures, such as lymph node removal and excess skin removal surgery. Susan dropped about 400 pounds in the process and looks to have kept the weight off by 2022. Susan, who appeared on the show “My 600-lb Life” as Irene Walker, has kept a low profile since appearing on the show, but she updated fans about her life via Facebook.

As she hasn’t posted any pictures on Facebook since 2019 and has no other social media presence, not much is known about her life at the moment. According to her profile, she is single and has posted several candid pictures with her family.

Susan Farmer looked a lot healthier in 2019 than she did on ‘My 600-Lb Life’ and fans hope she has continued to follow Dr. Now’s advice on weight management. Many fans still remember how excited she was to try on jeans for the first time in over two decades, saying it marked a new chapter in her life.

It’s not unusual for the show’s cast members to step out of the spotlight, as Susan, who was on My 600-Lb Life as Brandon Scott, is hardly the only one living a peaceful life after her episode. Others, like Brandon and Marla McCants, are posting more than ever on social media to give fans a life lesson.

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