Sister Wives: Kody Reveals That Robyn Brown Is The ‘Obedient Wife’

Sister Wives: Kody Reveals That Robyn Brown Is The ‘Obedient Wife’

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Robyn Brown have always maintained that their pluralistic marriage is equal. In this set-up, women enjoy a degree of autonomy even when they make decisions as a family.

But now that Christine has left the family and is starting a new life, Kody Brown and Robyn Brown want to change things. Fans now feel that they want to re-establish a family with obedient wives.

A couple of years ago, Kody Brown openly questioned whether polygamy was a failed experiment that affected his women’s happiness. Now that Christine has left, the patriarch of the Brown family is wounded by the loss of power. Not only that, but he has also taken revenge, seeking to tighten his control over his remaining women. He has declared that their family practices patriarchy while demanding that their wives submit to his will.

Fans feel that Kody is responding to Robyn’s feelings and there may be truth in this. Instead of achieving respect and power through love, he chose to adopt a dictator-like mentality. He even proclaimed control and power while forcing his will to be obeyed.

Sister Wives: Kody Reveals That Robyn Brown Is The ‘Obedient Wife’

On Reddit, fans have been discussing how the duo are looking to rebuild their family with obedient women after Christine made them feel powerless. The debate started with the OP claiming that Kody avoids his other wives and even his own children, using COVID as an excuse. They argued that Robyn and Kody want to be monogamous but do not want to lose power over other women.

Meri and Janelle Brown have been together with Kody for a long time. However, they are independent women who are not accommodating enough for the Browns’ patriarch and his favourite wife. He even claimed that Robyn is the more obedient woman in their polygamous arrangement, given how she always nods to what he wants.

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