Sister Wives: Robyn Brown And Kody Brown In A Monogamous Relationship?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown And Kody Brown In A Monogamous Relationship?

Sister Wives fans have been internally shocked lately, as both Janelle and Meri Brown have followed in Christine Brown’s footsteps by deciding to leave Kody Brown. The polygamous patriarch now has just one wife, Robyn Brown, to whom he has been legally married since 2014. When the show’s 17th season aired, fans debated whether Kody was looking for a new partner. The bombs that dropped at the end of the season deepened the debate.

Christine, who married Kody in 1994, was the first woman to make the difficult decision to leave a plural marriage. Much of the 17th season of Sister Wives focused on the drama caused by this decision. For example, Kody seeks a custody order from Truely Brown because Christine decided to move to Utah with her daughter.

Janelle’s departure is also causing anxiety among fans, who are hoping to find out more soon. Meri Brown’s departure from a plural marriage has only recently been publicly announced, but fans are already speculating that Kody is trying to find other wives so he can continue as a polygamist.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown And Kody Brown In A Monogamous Relationship?

In the future, Kody Brown may opt out of plural marriage. He is still married to Robyn, who is considered Kody’s favourite wife, and may switch to monogamy as he gets older. Many fans believe that Kody will eventually choose monogamy.

As Kody Brown is now married to just one of his original four wives, fans have been wondering if he is looking for a new relationship. As a polygamist, Kody believes that God wants men to marry multiple wives. Kody has openly discussed women’s obedience to the patriarchy, saying such obedience should be part of their faith.

On several occasions, she has spoken about her relationship with God on Sister Wives. She has said that she believes God calls her to do certain things, and Kody often teaches her lay viewers about her belief system. As a long-time believer in the Mormon sect, Kody may want to create new relationships that lead to marriages and eventually result in children.

As details about Kody Brown’s relationship unravel further roll in, fans will provide more commentary. With new and juicy details about the cast of Sister Wives coming out on a regular basis, fans will always have plenty to talk about, even if the show doesn’t air. More shocking revelations are likely to come to light in the future.

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