Sister Wives: The Real Reason Behind Victoria’s Secret

Sister Wives: The Real Reason Behind Victoria’s Secret

Robyn Brown’s entry into the Brown family may have made “Sister Wives” possible. Moreover, being a mother of five has had little positive impact on the family. In fact, Robyn has been dubbed the show’s villain and has been accused of breaking up a polygamy household.

Recently, Sister Wives fans sparked a renewed debate about the debt Robyn Brown brought to the family when she married Kody Brown in 2010. Viewers have been focusing primarily on the fact that Robyn owes Victoria’s Secret money. Funnily enough, Robyn explained the debt back in 2015 by saying that she had to buy trousers from Victoria’s Secret because she has “very long legs”.

The Brown family is famous for its reality TV series, but not for its money management skills. Before “Sister Wives“, the family had gone through several bankruptcies. As a married couple, Meri and Kody Brown filed for bankruptcy. In 1997, Janelle Brown also filed for bankruptcy, and in 2010, Christine Brown joined the bankruptcy club. The only family member who has not (yet) filed for bankruptcy is Robyn Brown. However, she brought a lot of debts into the family.

When Robyn married into the Brown family, they took over her debt. She had a debt of about $32 000, which was spread over a number of store credit cards. These debts had to be cleared so that Robyn could get a home loan when the Browns moved to Vegas.

Janelle Brown and Mary Brown’s family money was used to do this. According to Starcasm, most of Robyn Brown’s debts were on cards from Sears, Targett and Victoria’s Secret stores.

Sister Wives: The Real Reason Behind Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is known for its underwear and, in recent years, for its expansion into fashion apparel. However, Robyn Brown confirms that she is not above buying bras and thongs in store. The mother of five took to Twitter in 2015 to answer questions from fans, and she was particularly keen to justify her shopping habits.

Robyn claimed she buys trousers and long-sleeved shirts from Victoria’s Secret, claiming she has “very long legs” and had to order trousers specifically for them. Sister Wives fans didn’t believe the story in 2015 and don’t believe it now.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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