Robyn Brown’s Tearful Moment and Mic-Ripping Incident on Sister Wives!

Robyn Brown's Tearful Moment and Mic-Ripping Incident on Sister Wives!

In a highly anticipated episode of TLC’s Sister Wives, fans witnessed an unexpected emotional outburst from Robyn Brown. The network released a teaser showing Robyn, 45, deeply affected while revisiting footage from her 2013 commitment ceremony. The ceremony, which was a significant moment in her life, also included Kody Brown’s promises to his exes: Jenelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Meri Brown.

As she watched Kody in the throwback clip, Robyn Brown was visibly moved by his words: “The Kody Brown family. We embrace a spirit of abundance and affection, time, opportunity, peace, prosperity…” But the overwhelming emotions became too much for her. In a moment of raw vulnerability, Robyn broke down, expressing her inability to continue watching. “I can’t watch this again. I want to stop it! I can’t watch this!” she exclaimed, before tearing off her microphone and leaving the set in tears.

Christine’s Wedding Bliss Meets Kody’s Frustration in Sister Wives’ Upcoming Special!

This season of Sister Wives not only showcases emotional moments but also brings to light the shifting dynamics within the Brown family. Fans can look forward to the two-part Sister Wives Wedding Special, airing on January 7 and January 14, 2024, featuring Christine and her new husband, David Woolley’s wedding at the Red Cliffs Lodge Hotel in Moab, Utah.

In stark contrast to Robyn’s tearful preview, a composed Christine was seen in the teaser, while Kody, her ex-husband, appeared agitated. Kody’s remarks on Christine and David’s marriage were met with Robyn’s insistence on being happy for the couple. However, Kody’s frustration was evident as he struggled to articulate his feelings about the recent changes in his family.

Furthermore, the show captures another intense moment during the Sister Wives Talk Back episode, where Kody reacts vehemently to a fan’s comment. The fan’s supportive message triggers a defensive response from Kody, leading to an exchange where Robyn intervenes to calm him down. Kody’s admission of going through three divorces in three years reveals the depth of his turmoil, marking a turbulent period in the family’s history.

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Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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