Kody Brown’s Startling Confession – Only Ever in Love with Robyn Brown, Sister Wives Tell-All Reveals!

Kody Brown's Startling Confession - Only Ever in Love with Robyn Brown, Sister Wives Tell-All Reveals!

During the Sister Wives Tell All special, Kody Brown shocked everyone. He revealed his true feelings: Robyn holds his heart. This confession altered the foundation of their plural marriage.

Kody’s journey started with Meri in 1990, then Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. But, his heart belongs solely to Robyn. This revelation surprised viewers familiar with the family dynamics.

Kody Brown’s Tell-All Shocker: Admits Polygamy Pursuit Lacked Deep Connection, Except with Robyn Brown

During the Tell All episode with Sukanya Krishnan, a revelation surfaced about the Brown family’s complex relationships. Kody revealed that his interest in polygamy in the ’90s stemmed from a belief in plural marriage rather than deep emotional connections with his partners. He now recognizes this approach as flawed, realizing he lacked the same level of passion with Meri, Janelle, or Christine as he did with Robyn.

Janelle, sharing with Suki, echoed Kody’s thoughts. She acknowledged her initial feelings for Kody were more about the relationship concept than profound romantic love. Over time, their bond strengthened, but it never reached the intensity of a ‘grand passion,’ a term she feels better suits Kody’s feelings for Robyn.

Robyn Brown’s Unique Place in Kody Brown’s Heart

Kody felt a deep connection with Robyn instantly. It was special, unlike anything with his other wives. This bond changed things, making Kody spend more time with Robyn. This unintentionally made the other wives feel neglected.

Despite appearing to favor Robyn, she has concerns too. She’s disappointed by recent events, feeling like monogamy. Her dream of a big plural family seems distant now. With Christine, Janelle, and Meri moving on, it fades.

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Written by Ashley Bennett

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