Robyn Brown Opens Up About Struggles in Kody Brown’s Life Post-Divorce Turmoil on Sister Wives

Robyn Brown Opens Up About Struggles in Kody Brown's Life Post-Divorce Turmoil on Sister Wives

Robyn Brown, a key figure in the popular TLC show Sister Wives, has recently shed light on the emotional toll that Kody Brown has experienced following his separations from Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown. In an intimate interview with People, published on Thursday, December 14, Robyn, 45, delved into the complexities and challenges that have rocked their relationship in the aftermath of these splits.

Describing Kody Brown’s emotional state, Robyn Brown highlighted a series of intense feelings, including frustration, anger, hurt, and a sense of betrayal. These emotions haven’t just affected Kody; Robyn acknowledges her own struggles as they navigate this tumultuous phase. The impact on their relationship has been significant, with both parties questioning themselves and the foundation they’ve built together.

Christine, Janelle, and Meri’s Exits and Their Impact on Robyn and Kody

The dynamic within the Brown family shifted notably after Christine, aged 51, announced the end of her spiritual marriage with Kody Brown in November 2021. This change set a domino effect in motion, with Janelle, 54, leaving Kody in December 2022, as exclusively revealed by In Touch. The final shift occurred when Meri, 52, and Kody confirmed the end of their romantic relationship in January 2023. Through all this, Robyn has stood by Kody’s side, witnessing his open struggle with these life-altering events.

In a separate interview with People on December 7, Kody expressed his and Robyn’s shared sentiments of deep mourning and depression due to the family’s current state. He candidly spoke about the profound changes and challenges they’ve faced, admitting that both he and Robyn are not the same individuals they once were.

Kody’s reflections on moving forward from divorce are poignant, describing it as a journey that can shake one’s faith and bring about intense emotions. However, he also acknowledges the need to let positivity and hope back into their lives, signaling a transitionary period for both him and Robyn.

Despite the challenges, Robyn faces her own difficulties in moving on from the family splits. She feels bound by the commitments she made to Meri, Janelle, Christine, their children, and to Kody himself. In a teaser for the upcoming December 17 episode of Sister Wives: One on One, shared by Entertainment Tonight, Robyn admits her struggle to break free from these commitments, emphasizing her respect for Kody’s children and her former sister wives.

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