Sister Wives: Kody Brown Doesn’t Believe He’s Wrong

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Doesn’t Believe He’s Wrong

Sister Wives certainly has a few things that deserve a return and fans will certainly have their own opinions on the show. TLC has given Pillow Talk feedback pages to several 90 Day Fiance, should Sister Wives get one too? True, there is only one Sister Wives franchise, but other TLC stars could give their opinion on the episodes.

Fans are voicing their opinions on Twitter and Facebook posts, but what does the rest of the world think? Most of the world doesn’t know much about what’s going on in Polyamorous Wives.

But the dysfunction of this family has been seen up close and far. Perhaps if someone were to criticise the show, it would give the stars an idea of how their episodes affect others. Perhaps the consideration of others towards the show could highlight some of the situations where women are being mistreated.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Doesn’t Believe He’s Wrong

To be fair, Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown doesn’t seem to think he’s doing anything wrong. Kody’s poor me attitude is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Even in the last episode, where Kody once again rearranged the Coyote Pass property and took away the land promised to Christine Brown, he doesn’t see his mistake.

When Kody Brown’s wives try to point out when he’s wrong, he gets all defensive and even threatens to sell the property. Kody Brown has wasted a year and a half of what could have been working on homes for his family. Once again, Kody Brown has decided to buy instead of build, and the fans are as fed up as his wives.

No matter what Sister Wives Kody Brown might say, Robyn Brown is the number one woman. Christine has been wanting to move to Utah for a while now and Kody claims the majority rules. However, when Robyn expressed that she wasn’t going to move to Utah, the decision was made. Robyn claims to be concerned about Christine’s daughter Truly Brown.

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