Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Looking For A New Wife?

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Looking For A New Wife?

It seems that none of Kody Brown’s marriages work anymore. Of the four Sister Wives, it seemed that only Robyn is the one who is really happy with Kody. That’s because he treated his youngest wife better than all the others.

However, it seems that “better” is not really how a husband should treat his wife. Thus, Kody Brown and Robyn Brown are having difficulties in their marriage, just like the other ladies in this dynamic.

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Looking For A New Wife?

Kody Brown has been following polygamy for almost three decades. But it seems the time has come for him to lose everything. His marriages to Meri Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown are already rocky and on the verge of falling apart. It all started happening after Robyn Brown was brought into the family.

Fans say the Sister Wives patriarch seems to have been reformed by his youngest wife and in recent years began to believe in monogamy, not polygamy. She has even said she is “polygamy hell” and may snap out of some of them in the coming years.

But the only marriage he was relying on was also about to fall off the bridge. In an exclusive UsWeekly clip, Robyn Brown says her relationship with Kody Brown is struggling. However, this is mainly because she doesn’t see her family as much. She wants to follow the Covid-19 guidelines so she or her family doesn’t get the virus.

So she also wants to skip Christmas gatherings. When Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, and all the family members get together, Robyn Brown says she feels “very helpless” here. If the problems continue, fans think Robyn might leave her marriage to Kody this time.

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