Are Sister Wives Stars Janelle and Christine Brown Drifting Apart?

Are Sister Wives Stars Janelle and Christine Brown Drifting Apart?

Janelle and Christine Brown, stars of “Sister Wives” and best friends, now seem distant. They are spending time with their families but not with each other. This has sparked concerns among their fans.

Sister Wives: Christine’s Disclaimer About Janelle

Christine Brown made it clear to her new husband, David Woolley, that she and Janelle Brown are a package deal. Although they wouldn’t share a husband like before, they intended to share their time together. Initially, fans saw plenty of photos of the trio, including vacation shots. However, this trend has abruptly stopped.

Fans have noticed the absence of joint posts featuring Janelle and Christine. Both continue to share updates on their lives, but the photos no longer include each other. This has worried fans, especially since Janelle recently lost her son, Garrison Brown. During this difficult time, fans hoped Christine would be there to support her best friend.

Sister Wives: Janelle’s Time in North Carolina

Following Garrison’s death, Janelle spent time in North Carolina with her daughter Maddie Brown Brush and her family. Janelle’s posts indicate she is still in North Carolina, suggesting distance might be the reason for the lack of joint posts with Christine. The two might be keeping in touch via phone or FaceTime, but physical distance could be preventing them from spending time together.

Fans are hopeful that Janelle Brown and Christine Brown will reconnect once Janelle returns home. With the upcoming season of “Sister Wives,” viewers expect to see the two together again on screen. Their bond has always been strong, and many believe this separation is temporary.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Controversial Rodeo Post

Christine Brown recently faced backlash after posting about a rodeo trip on Instagram. While some fans supported her, others accused her of endorsing animal abuse. Christine’s post divided opinions, with critics pointing out the negative impact of rodeos on animals. However, many defended her, arguing that she was merely enjoying a popular American pastime with her loved ones.

Sister Wives: Shifts in Public Perception

She advertised weight loss products and made false medical claims, which upset her “Sister Wives” co-stars. After Janelle’s son died, she briefly mourned. Then, she quickly promoted her rental property. This made people question her sincerity.

To regain her fans’ trust, Christine needs to be more real and vulnerable. Her portrayal of a perfect life contrasts sharply with the relatable persona she once had on “Sister Wives.” By sharing her struggles and being genuine, Christine can repair her social media image and reconnect with her audience.

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