Christine Brown’s Hilarious Teaching Moment Goes Viral

Christine Brown's Hilarious Teaching Moment Goes Viral

Christine Brown treats all Brown family grandchildren as her own. After marrying David Woolley, she gained many step-grandchildren.

But biologically, she only has three grandchildren, through her daughter Mykelti Brown Padron. Mykelti has a 3-year-old daughter, Avalon, and 1-year-old twin boys, Ace and Archer.

Being a grandmother is Christine’s greatest joy. Recently, she had a cute and educational moment with Mykelti’s children.

Christine values safety for her family. She loves to combine fun with learning. So, she decided to teach Mykelti’s kids about sharks.

“Avalon took these pictures and videos. I was showing @mykeltip’s kids the sound sharks make. Turns out, they’re more scared of toasters,” she wrote. This caption accompanied photos of her with a large stuffed shark.

In the first season of Sister Wives, Christine mentioned toasters. She explained why using an oven for toast was safer.

Christine limited comments on the post. Still, it’s clear many Sister Wives fans found it amusing.

After Garrison Brown’s tragic death, Christine Brown is slowly getting back to life. She plans to spend more time with her kids and grandkids. The Sister Wives cast now values being close to family more than ever.

Garrison wasn’t Christine’s biological son, but she considered him one of her own. To honor him, she cooked his favorite meal on St. Patrick’s Day. His loss has deeply impacted the Brown family. Yet, fans admire how they honor him.

Fans can expect Christine to share more about her family. Avalon turns three on April 5, so we might see birthday party photos.

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