Kody Brown Spotted! What’s Changed for the Sister Wives Star?

Kody Brown Spotted! What's Changed for the Sister Wives Star?

Every so often, a sharp-eyed fan captures Kody Brown in public. This weekend, photos of the Sister Wives star surfaced online, creating quite a stir among fans of the TLC series. These candid shots showed Kody doing something unexpected.

Living a monogamous lifestyle appears to have changed him, and fans are eagerly speculating that more of these changes will be revealed in the upcoming Season 19 of Sister Wives.

Kody Brown – Once the King of Four Castles

In the early seasons of Sister Wives, Kody Brown was often treated like royalty by his wives. When Kody entered one of their homes, he was greeted with enthusiasm. Christine Brown would head straight to the kitchen to prepare a meal, and Janelle Brown often had something ready for him.

However, Robyn Brown and Meri Brown did not always offer such courtesies. While the whole family occasionally went on shopping trips together for the show, it was usually the wives who handled the daily chores.

Kody Brown – The Dutiful Husband

Recently, a fan spotted Kody at a store, pushing a shopping cart. It wasn’t the sight of Kody himself that grabbed attention but rather what he was doing. Fans were surprised to see him shopping, a task traditionally handled by his wives.

Kody Brown Sighting in Spanish Fork, UT
byu/Ok-Cartographer-9619 inSisterWives

One fan quipped, “I’m sure Kody used to always help Meri, Christine, and Janelle out with grocery shopping.” Another added, “Robyn must still be in bed.” The sight of Kody shopping led to a flurry of comments online, with fans comparing this new Kody to the one they remembered from earlier seasons.

Now that Kody is only with Robyn Brown, fans are suggesting she has him well-trained. As Season 19 approaches, viewers will be keen to see the dynamics between Kody and his last remaining wife.

Robyn Brown: The Biggest Villain?

Robyn Brown’s role in the Sister Wives family has always been controversial. Initially, she seemed like a welcome addition, eager to integrate into the family. However, over time, she became Kody’s favorite, often doing whatever he needed, similar to Christine Brown’s earlier behavior.

Robyn has often played the victim, showing concern for the family while seemingly prioritizing her own needs and those of her five children. A recent Reddit thread called her out as a “hypocrite,” with one user noting, “I was just watching a talk back confessional where Robyn says, ‘I think when another wife is controlling what a husband enough to affect other relationships, she’s a bad sister wife.’ Uh, wasn’t she controlling Meri for years?”

Fans agreed with this sentiment, labeling Robyn the biggest hypocrite in the family. She often preaches about how marriages should work while acting in her self-interest. This has led many to believe she is more manipulative than Kody, who is now focused on appeasing his only remaining wife.

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