Kody Brown as a Monogamist: What’s Next for Season 19?

Kody Brown as a Monogamist: What’s Next for Season 19?

Over 18 seasons of TLC’s Sister Wives, one person consistently remains at the center of every storyline: Kody Brown. From the show’s inception, Kody’s role as the family patriarch has driven the narrative. His decisions and actions have continuously shaped the Brown family’s dynamics and direction.

Kody brought Robyn Brown into a family already consisting of wives Meri, Janelle, and Christine. His decision to relocate the family from Utah to Las Vegas and later to Flagstaff, Arizona, further demonstrates his influence. Kody’s treatment of his wives and children, often prioritizing Robyn, has created significant tension and reshaped relationships within the family.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Role in the Family

Kody’s actions have had far-reaching effects on his family. His neglect of Meri led her to seek companionship outside their marriage. His favoritism towards Robyn alienated Christine and Janelle, straining their marriages. Kody’s lack of involvement in parenting left his wives to handle most of the responsibilities.

Kody Brown appears to believe his wives held the power in their marriages. He frequently told TLC cameras they were free to leave, but when Christine exercised that option, he resisted. Over the years, Kody’s persona has shifted from a goofy, endearing husband to a contentious figure, often clashing with his family.

Three of Kody’s four wives have left their spiritual marriages within two years: Christine, Janelle, and Meri. Several of Kody’s adult children, including Gwendlyn, Paedon, and Mykelti, have openly criticized him, leading to strained relationships.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown as a Monogamist: What’s Next for Season 19?

As Sister Wives Season 19 approaches, Kody remains the central figure, despite now being a monogamist. Meri, Janelle, and Christine have left him, leaving Robyn as his sole partner. This season will explore Kody’s relationships with his remaining wife and children.

Although the show has deviated from its original premise of normalizing polygamy, Kody’s journey continues to be the focal point. His interactions with his family and his adaptation to these massive changes will be closely followed by viewers.

Sister Wives: Fans Worry About Delays in Season 19

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Sister Wives Season 19, with speculations of a summer debut. However, concerns have arisen about potential delays, possibly linked to Meri Brown.

At the end of Season 18, Meri left her plural marriage after over 30 years. She relocated her clothing business to her bed and breakfast, marking a significant life change. Fans worry that Meri’s recent filming halt with Jenn Sullivan might delay the season’s release.

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