Kody Brown’s Controversial Moves to Protect His Marriage with Robyn

Kody Brown's Controversial Moves to Protect His Marriage with Robyn

Kody Brown’s track record with marriages has been rocky. The Sister Wives star, who once believed in multiplying love, has seen his polygamous family fall apart. Through three divorces and numerous feuds, Kody has focused on preserving his relationship with his fourth and favorite wife, Robyn Brown.

Kody stirred chaos among his first three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, to protect his bond with Robyn. The show aimed to portray polygamy positively but instead highlighted the tensions and inequities within the family. Kody’s preferential treatment of Robyn was evident from the start, even breaking his rules to spend more time with her.

Kody Moved for Robyn Brown

The family’s move from Las Vegas to Arizona baffled many fans. The Browns were well-settled in Las Vegas, but Kody announced an abrupt relocation to Flagstaff. Later, Gwen Brown revealed that the move was to accommodate Robyn’s son, who wanted to attend college in Arizona. This decision showcased Kody’s tendency to prioritize Robyn’s needs over the rest of the family.

Kody Wanted “Good” Sister Wives

In the latest season, Kody Brown’s favoritism towards Robyn became even more apparent. During a heated argument with Janelle, Kody expressed his desire for loyalty and respect from his wives, which he felt he only received from Robyn. Janelle challenged this, frustrated by Kody’s idealization of Robyn and the unfair treatment of his other wives.

Kody’s efforts to keep Robyn happy have been costly. Despite rumors of turmoil in their marriage, Kody is determined to maintain a flawless relationship with Robyn, even at the expense of his other relationships. His mantra, “Happy wife, happy life,” has led to significant sacrifices, but at least Robyn remains content.

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