Sister Wives: How Janelle Brown Is Moving Forward with Hope

Sister Wives: How Janelle Brown Is Moving Forward with Hope

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is back on social media after a break. She lost her son, Garrison. The Brown family is grieving. Yet, the 54-year-old remains positive. Recently, she shared a special moment with Logan.

Redditors discovered Janelle is starting a new business. She plans to open “Taeda Farms,” a flower farm. Janelle hasn’t confirmed this yet.

Despite her heartbreak, Janelle is moving forward. She’s been with her kids a lot. For Easter, she visited the beach with Maddie and the grandkids.

Sister Wives: How Janelle Brown Finds Joy in Chasing Eclipses

Janelle and her son, Logan, watched a total eclipse together. This event took place at Michelle Petty’s father’s property. It symbolized hope, continuity, and the beauty of pursuing dreams.

Janelle now plans to see the next eclipse in Spain, 2026. Her thoughts reveal her positive attitude.

Her followers quickly showed their love and support. Comments ranged from joy at seeing her smile to encouragement for her dreams. Each message highlighted the community’s strong support for Janelle.

Janelle Brown often posts upbeat content. This time, she shared a funny chat with Christine and Maddie.

Initially, she meant to ask her daughter to treat the grandchildren to ice cream. But, she mistakenly sent the message to their group chat, which included Christine. Quickly, Christine responded. She was excited to join for ice cream.

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