Sister Wives Season 19 Confirmed! Mykelti Padron Reveals Shocking Details

Sister Wives Season 19 Confirmed! Mykelti Padron Reveals Shocking Details

TLC has not yet officially announced the release of “Sister Wives” Season 19, but Mykelti Padron has shared crucial details. According to Reddit users, Mykelti revealed in a Patreon video that the new season will premiere in late August or early September. This follows the trend of Season 18, which premiered in late August 2023.

The number of episodes hasn’t been confirmed. The last two seasons had 14 episodes. So, fans can expect a similar format. It will probably end around December or January.

Sister Wives: Joy and Heartache

Mykelti Padron also discussed what fans can expect in the upcoming season. Despite the Brown family’s grief following Garrison Brown’s death by suicide, the new season will not cover this tragic event. Instead, it will focus on happier moments, such as Mykelti’s pregnancy with twins, Archer and Ace Padron. Viewers will also see Christine Brown’s early relationship with David Woolley.

Mykelti and Tony Padron welcomed their twins in November 2022, just a year after Christine announced her split from Kody Brown. Christine and David went public in February 2023, and their relationship is expected to be a significant storyline. The new season is likely to start where Season 18 left off, ending around November 2023, a month after Christine and David’s wedding. The wedding aired as a special in January.

Sister Wives: The Brown Family’s Alleged Deception

As “Sister Wives” heads into its 19th season, some fans are questioning the authenticity of the show. Originally, the series aimed to normalize polygamy by showing that polygamists are just like everyone else. However, over time, the show has shifted towards more scripted, drama-filled moments.

Christine Brown shared a major revelation in Season 18 about Kody and Meri’s marriage. It wasn’t as happy as it seemed. Meri revealed Kody melted down his wedding ring when dating Robyn. This symbolized the end of their commitment long before the catfishing scandal.

Sister Wives: Financial Struggles and Reality TV Riches

Kody Brown’s admission that only “poverty” scares him highlighted the financial struggles the family faced before the show. Mykelti Padron confirmed on her Patreon that the Browns were “dirt poor,” living off “3-day-old bread” and “MREs.” Despite their appearances on the show, the family struggled financially until the series began.

Sister Wives” has been a financial boon for the Browns. Reports estimate that the family earns between $25,000 and $40,000 per episode. Over 18 seasons, with at least 14 episodes per season, the Browns have made between $6 million and $10 million from the show.

The coming season will have lots of highs and lows. It will give fans a deeper look at the changing dynamics of the Brown family.

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