Janelle Brown Enjoys Life in Las Vegas

Janelle Brown Enjoys Life in Las Vegas

Janelle Brown, star of “Sister Wives,” has maintained strong ties to Las Vegas, despite the Brown family moving to Flagstaff years ago. With some of her children still residing in Las Vegas and many friends she made during their time there, Janelle often visits the city.

In recent weeks, Janelle has traveled extensively, including trips to the East Coast to visit her daughter, Maddie Brush. But her latest visit to Las Vegas was special. She took the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and indulge in the city’s vibrant lifestyle.

“Stopped in Vegas on my way back to Flagstaff to treat a dear friend @agelventertainment for belated birthday brunch,” Janelle captioned her latest Instagram post. “We managed to get into the Anthony’s Sunday brunch buffet at @mresortspacasino. Getting in was a feat in itself. It’s booked out through January 2025! It’s that good! Food was amazing, service was excellent.”

The post included several photos of her delicious meal, including an elaborate dessert buffet. Fans loved seeing Janelle happy and enjoying time with friends, noting that she seems more social and content post-divorce from Kody Brown.

Sister Wives Fans Are Intrigued By The Upcoming Season

Janelle Brown’s strength has been particularly inspiring following the tragic loss of her son, Garrison. The upcoming season of “Sister Wives” will likely explore how she copes with this immense loss. Although Janelle has not hinted at a new romantic partner, she remains focused on her children and grandchildren, finding solace and joy in their company.

Aside from dealing with Garrison’s death, it remains unclear what other storylines will feature Janelle. Nonetheless, her social media updates reflect a newfound happiness and resilience, much to the delight of her fans.

Janelle Brown Gives Big Life Update Amid Son’s Death

Despite the heartache of losing her son, Garrison, Janelle Brown is finding ways to move forward and create new memories. This Fourth of July marked the first Independence Day without Garrison in over two decades. Janelle spent the holiday with her daughters, Savannah and Maddie, and their families, which helped lift her spirits.

A highlight of their time together was a visit to Yellowstone National Park. Janelle shared her excitement about seeing bears in the wild for the first time, adding to the precious moments spent with her grandchildren, Axel, Evie-K, and Josephine. She and Maddie also bond over their love for naturally grown food and shared business interests.

Sister Wives Star Updates On Independence Day

On July 4, Janelle posted a reel on Instagram, showcasing a beautiful stream, moments with baby Josephine, and scenes from an Independence Day parade. Her followers appreciated the update, feeling grateful that she shared her journey through such a challenging time.

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