Janelle Brown’s New Life After Tragedy – Is She Moving to North Carolina?

Janelle Brown’s New Life After Tragedy - Is She Moving to North Carolina?

Janelle Brown, star of “Sister Wives,” has been on a path of healing and rediscovery following the tragic death of her son, Garrison, in early 2024. The 55-year-old mother often shares glimpses of her life on social media. She highlights her time with her children and grandchildren in Utah. Recently, she posted about a gardening project with her daughter Maddie. She showed her efforts to stay positive and engaged.

However, new speculation suggests that Janelle may have made a significant life change – moving to North Carolina.

Speculations of Janelle’s Big Move

Janelle Brown has been busy focusing on her businesses and spending time with family. She recently posted a photo with a friend who runs an entertainment agency, sparking rumors of a potential new project. Additionally, she shared her trip to Yellowstone Park with her kids. She highlighted her back-and-forth travels between Flagstaff and North Carolina.

According to some Reddit users, Mykelti Brown Padron, Janelle’s daughter, hinted on her Patreon that they were moving to North Carolina. Mykelti said they’re finalizing their move soon. They implied it would be nice to be closer to Janelle’s household. This confirms indirectly that Janelle now lives in North Carolina. Although Mykelti attempted to keep it under wraps, fans are speculating that a big announcement is forthcoming, possibly tied to the new season of “Sister Wives.”

Janelle Brown’s Move to North Carolina: What We Know

Janelle Brown has not directly addressed the rumors about her move. However, Mykelti’s comments suggest that a significant revelation is imminent. Season 19 of “Sister Wives” is set to air in August, and fans are hopeful it will shed light on Janelle’s potential relocation and other family updates. Kody’s nephew, Benjamin, also confirmed the upcoming season, adding to the anticipation.

Janelle Brown Chooses Family Time Over Fourth of July Celebrations

Janelle Brown has been living a more fulfilling life since her split from Kody Brown and the tragic loss of her son, Garrison. This Fourth of July, she opted for a family trip to Yellowstone National Park instead of traditional festivities. On Instagram, Janelle shared a beautiful photo with her daughters, Savanah and Madison, in Yellowstone’s lush forests.

“We spent all day in Yellowstone Park yesterday. It was very cool weather with lots of rain. We saw several bears which was a first for me. Lots of Bison and some Elk,” Janelle captioned her post, expressing her joy in spending quality time with her daughters.

Documenting Family Adventures

Janelle has been actively documenting her travels and family moments on social media. From Disneyland to North Carolina and Las Vegas, she ensures her family remains a central part of her healing journey. In recent posts, Janelle shared images of her extended family. They include Christine Brown, David Woolley, and their kids. They were reminiscing about the times before “Sister Wives” became a big part of their lives.

Janelle keeps building strong bonds with her kids and making new memories. Fans can expect Season 19 of “Sister Wives” to reveal more about her life changes. It will also show the family’s efforts to honor Garrison’s memory.

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