Sister Wives: The Impact of Garrison Brown’s Death on Kody Brown’s Family

Sister Wives: The Impact of Garrison Brown's Death on Kody Brown's Family

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown once desired monogamy with Kody Brown. She envisioned a happy, traditional marriage.

Tragically, Garrison Brown’s death shook the family deeply. Robyn and Kody mourn together, pondering their future.

The loss is heart-wrenching, impacting them profoundly. The absence of Meri, Janelle, and Christine adds pressure.

Previously, Kody and Robyn stood strong against the others. Their unity faced challenges from the rest. This bond may have fueled their romance.

Unexpectedly, tragedy struck their seemingly normal family. Monogamous relationships can face unexpected hurdles. Even without tragedies, constant togetherness can strain love.

Post-funeral, the family may drift apart quietly. Janelle and Kody Brown might grow closer through shared grief.

However, distance may prevail among them. Christine has moved on with David Woolley.

They now reside in Moab, Utah. Selling their home on Airbnb aims to recoup costs. Meri’s relationship with Amos Andrews didn’t last.

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