Can ‘Sister Wives’ Return to Its Roots? How Season 19 Could Save the Show

Can 'Sister Wives' Return to Its Roots? How Season 19 Could Save the Show

“Sister Wives” continues to be a top show on TLC, attracting many viewers every season.

Despite troubles within the Brown family that have taken the show far from its original idea of exploring a large, polygamous family, it remains popular.

The show still does well in ratings, especially among women aged 25-54, according to a Deadline report in August 2023. This success keeps the show on the air, as it brings in a lot of viewers and makes money for the network.

However, the question remains: why keep a show that has moved so far from what it was supposed to be?

The family is no longer close-knit, and many relationships are strained. Yet, TLC sees more stories to tell, keeping the show going despite these issues.

‘Sister Wives’ New Season: When It Starts and What’s Coming

Sister Wives usually starts new episodes in late summer or early fall. Some years, it begins in August. Others, it’s September.

Season 19 might start in August. But when will it really kick off?

In January 2024, Christine married David Wooley in a two-part special. However, the event was filmed in October 2023.

By the time the new season airs, episodes are about a year old. So, Mykelti’s twins will be 2 years old, and Christine and David will have been married for a year.

A lot happened during that year. In July 2023, Gwendlyn Brown married Beatriz Queiroz. Christine, now legally married, navigates this new reality. Kody Brown agreed to be monogamous with Robyn. Janelle Brown faced a significant loss. Meri Brown focused on self-acceptance and started a business.

The family suffered a major loss in 2024. Garrison Brown, Kody and Janelle’s son, died in March.

The show might explore the impact of this tragedy. Rumors suggest footage was filmed, but it’s unclear if TLC will include it in season 19.

Challenges and Expectations for Season 19

Looking ahead to its 19th season, expected to start in late summer or early fall, “Sister Wives” could face a make-or-break situation.

The previous season ended with significant events like marriages and the sad death of Garrison Brown. These moments could bring new depth to the upcoming season, showing how the family deals with big life changes and loss.

Fans want to see real change this season. They hope Kody and Robyn Brown will fix their relationships with other family members. This would help bring the show back to its roots, focusing more on family bonds rather than just conflicts.

Showrunner Christopher Poole has promised to keep the show real, not making up stories just for drama. This approach could help win back viewers who want to see genuine stories about the Browns’ lives.

The upcoming season will show whether “Sister Wives” can return to its original charm or if it will continue to struggle with its identity.

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