How ‘Sister Wives’ Faces Its Most Challenging Season Yet

How 'Sister Wives' Faces Its Most Challenging Season Yet

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his family are filming Season 19, despite a tragedy. Now, the show might explore some dark themes. Fans have mixed feelings about this.

Many fans expected them to cancel or delay Season 19. However, a new report suggests this won’t happen.

In this season, the show was supposed to focus on Kody’s ex-wives and their new lives.

Christine Brown is married, and Meri Brown is dating. Janelle Brown is enjoying her single life. She isn’t considering a new relationship yet. All three are starting fresh without Kody.

Fans anticipated a season about these women’s new lives without Kody. However, now it seems the show will also cover the aftermath of a family tragedy, likely Garrison Brown’s death.

Filming began before Garrison’s death. The show reportedly captures the family’s grief and attempts to understand what happened.

The upcoming season could feature the family blaming each other. Some fans find this inclusion disturbing. Others believe it might help families dealing with similar tragedies.

The report suggests the family will search for answers and try to mend their relationships. Many fans have watched the show for over a decade and feel connected to the family.

When photos of Garrison’s memorial emerged, fans were deeply moved. They had watched him grow up on the show.

It seems this season could be tough to watch. Fans will see the family cope with the aftermath of a terrible loss.

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Written by Ashley Bennett

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