Sister Wives: Big Changes Are On The Horizon For The Brown Family.

Sister Wives: Big Changes Are On The Horizon For The Brown Family.

TLC’s Sister Wives documents the lives of Kody Brown, his four wives and their 18 children as they try to make the polygamous lifestyle work in the American West. After 16 seasons over the past decade, this family’s life is now in turmoil. Christine Brown has decided to leave Kody Brown and the polygamous lifestyle behind. Meanwhile, Janelle Brown is taking a break from camper living.

As Us Weekly reported, Janelle Brown announced on Instagram June 2021 that she and her daughter Savanah are moving into a caravan.

The Browns’ original plan (all orchestrated by Kody of course) was for all the wives to live together in one house on their Coyote Pass property, but all the women rejected that with the desire to live in separate homes.

This move became a divisive issue for fans of the show. Janelle Brown decided to dry-dock her camper, meaning the vehicle had no hooks for running water or electricity. This could be a lot for an experienced camper dweller, let alone someone like Janelle Brown who had never lived in a camper before. Also, her choice to live there, rather than with another woman, may speak volumes about both her and Kody Brown’s relationship.

Despite being a bit pressured into this lifestyle, Janelle Brown made sure to post on social media that she loved living there. She regularly shared pictures of the experience from the inside and answered questions about the logistics of everyday life or living in a camper, such as how to live off the grid or what to do with the septic tank.

Sister Wives: Big Changes Are On The Horizon For The Brown Family.

Big changes are coming for the Brown family. Christine Brown made waves when she announced she was leaving Cody after 27 years. Her problems with the family patriarchy had been going on for years, and the idea of living in Coyote Pass was the last straw.

Christine Brown’s openness about her difficulties, both in the relationship and afterwards, has led to increased scrutiny of Kody Brown’s treatment of her and other women.

Christine Brown eventually moved to Utah full-time to be closer to her relatives, and fans continue to support her new independence. They are also wondering if Janelle might soon join her in her $1.1 million two-story home. The two have traveled a lot together, and Janelle Brown’s time in the RV could also be interpreted as her slowly leaving Cody on her own terms.

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