Kim Kardashian Advocates for Criminal Reform at the White House with VP Kamala Harris

Kim Kardashian Advocates for Criminal Reform at the White House with VP Kamala Harris

Kim Kardashian, a famous entrepreneur and reality TV star, recently visited the White House. She discussed critical criminal reform issues.

Notably, her work with Vice President Kamala Harris in the Roosevelt Room gained attention. It highlights her growing involvement in advocacy.

Advocacy in Action

In Washington D.C., Kim shared her visit’s highlights on Instagram. She posted photos of herself speaking. Vice President Harris listened closely.

Their meeting emphasized criminal justice reform. A key image showed a plaque with the President’s seal. It symbolized Kim’s advocacy’s importance.

Kim also shared a photo from inside The White House. Her last picture, with a kissy face and peace sign, was light-hearted. Yet it carried a deep message. She captioned it, “Can’t wait to talk about the second chances event at the White House. Thank you, Madame Vice President.”

This post not only highlighted the event’s focus on second chances but also thanked the administration for the chance to speak.

Kim Kardashian became a lawyer to change the justice system, inspired by her father, Robert. In 2019, she started a four-year law apprenticeship.

Initially, she failed the Baby Bar exam twice. Despite this, her third try was a success. She shared her journey and encouraged her followers on Instagram.

Her advocacy began with Alice Johnson, a grandmother serving a life sentence for a minor crime. After hearing about Johnson on social media, Kim lobbied President Trump.

As a result, Johnson was released in 2018. This act kickstarted Kim’s role in reform efforts, reshaping her public image beyond just a celebrity.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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