Jenelle Evans Faces Backlash Over Controversial Comments on Weight Loss Drugs

Jenelle Evans Faces Backlash Over Controversial Comments on Weight Loss Drugs

Jenelle Evans, known for her tumultuous past on Teen Mom, has stirred up controversy once again. Recently, she shared her thoughts on weight loss drugs, specifically Ozempic, on social media. Fans were quick to react, many criticizing her for her unsolicited advice and questioning her qualifications to speak on the topic.

In her post, Jenelle wrote, “I cannot believe this trend of celebs using Ozempic… first of all, it’s for Diabetes if you didn’t know.” She further warned about the potential long-term side effects, saying, “Third… look at everyone around you doing it… do you not see the skeleton results?” Jenelle described the trend as “sickly not sexy” and compared it to the opioid crisis.

Fans were not impressed. One commented, “You should be the LAST person in the world who should be talking about drugs,” highlighting her past substance abuse issues. Others pointed out the irony of her statements given her history. The backlash was swift and harsh, with many fans calling her unqualified to discuss such medical topics.

Jenelle Evans Defends Herself Against Critics

Despite the criticism, Jenelle Evans did not back down. She quickly responded to her detractors, reminding them that she has been sober for years and wants others to learn from her mistakes. She also clarified that she has never used drugs or surgery for weight loss.

Jenelle’s past has indeed been controversial, marked by legal issues and troubled relationships. Her return to sobriety and her ongoing presence on social media continue to keep her in the public eye, often sparking mixed reactions from fans and critics alike.

Moving On: Jenelle Evans and Her New Chapter

Years after her departure from Teen Mom, Jenelle Evans made a comeback in a June 2024 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. This appearance came after her separation from her estranged husband, David Eason. Fans are curious about her current relationship status and whether she is seeing someone new.


Hopefully things get better soon 😩❤️‍🩹

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

In May 2024, Jenelle hinted at a new relationship in a TikTok video, where she appeared to be holding a man’s arm. Speculations arose about whether she had moved on from David. Some fans believed the arm belonged to her business manager, August Keen, who she mentioned in the show as a close friend who isn’t pressuring her into a new relationship.

Despite the rumors, Jenelle has not confirmed any new romantic relationships. She has, however, hinted at potential relocations, exploring options in Las Vegas and Florida.

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