90 Day Fiance: Ariela Weinberg Wants Her Family To Be In United States.

90 Day Fiance: Ariela Weinberg Wants Her Family To Be In United States.

Things have been rocky between 90 Day Fiance couple Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre. They’re currently starring in the final season of The Other Way. After much bickering, distancing and even accusations of cheating, Ariela Weinberg seems to have the perfect idea to mend their relationship. It involves taking her partner and baby Avi to the US! How do you think Biniyam Shibre reacted to the news?

90 Day Fiance: Ariela Weinberg Wants Her Family To Be In United States.

According to an exclusive sneak peek from People, the upcoming 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way episode is going to be huge. Namely, reality star Ariela Weinberg drops a huge bombshell on her lover Biniyam.

In the new episode, the couple will be holidaying in Kenya. This is after the mother of the family went back to the US to treat her son Avi’s hernia. The family has since reunited. But during their long journey from the US to Ethiopia, a lot of problems arose between them. Apparently, Biniyam Shibre went back to his old ways of partying and spending time outdoors. In addition, he even began to shun his fiancée, rejecting her audio and video calls.

Ariela Weinberg finally addressed the situation and said that things had been uncertain between the two. In her interview segment, she said she did not want to go back to Ethiopia. This is because she is embarrassed by the way Biniyam Shibre behaved in her absence.

So people would be laughing behind the couple’s backs if they were living in her fiancé’s home country again. He also talked about the possibility of moving to Kenya. But this is not a foolproof solution either, as they would have to renew their visas all the time and due to the lack of a stable job.

According to the American star, the only option left is to move to the United States. The reality celebrity also believes it’s high time her life partner explored more of her life back home. She revealed that she applied for a K1 visa for Biniyam Shibre but has yet to hear anything about it. Ariela Weinberg thinks the only way to mend their relationship is to live together again.

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