Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown Considering Leaving Kody?

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown Considering Leaving Kody?

Kody Brown from “Sister Wives” is perfectly happy with Robyn being his only wife. But the feelings may not be mutual. It turns out that Kody Brown’s women are dropping like flies and Robyn wonders if he’s really the man of her dreams. Is the TLC star’s only legal wife also contemplating divorce?

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown Considering Leaving Kody?

An anonymous source close to the Sister Wives family claims that the plural lives of Kody are in turmoil at the moment, describing it as a very messy situation. The source confessed that Kody Brown is quite happy with the situation as he loves Robyn and is completely happy with her. Robyn Brown, however, may not feel quite the same way.

According to the source, Robyn Brown doesn’t have much of a problem with Kody Brown losing other women. And from the outside looking in, she gives the impression that she is very happy with Kody. Those close to the family, however, admit that she has no doubts about whether staying married to Kody makes sense.

InTouch Weekly is usually a pretty reliable source, as they published the news of Janelle’s departure from Kody Brown shortly before the breakup was confirmed. However, the idea that Robyn Brown may be leaving Kody should be considered a rumor or fan theory at this time, as there is no concrete information as to who exactly said this.

As fans who have been following the last few seasons will know, Robyn Brown has made it quite clear that polygamy was all she wanted. She admitted to the other sister wives that she had “better options” than Kody if she wanted to go the monogamy route. So fans will wonder how lucky she really will be to be Kody’s only wife.

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