Sister Wives: How Much Property Does Each Wife Own?

Sister Wives: How Much Property Does Each Wife Own?

In fact, Robyn Brown owns more of Coyote Pass than Janelle and Meri Brown. It’s interesting because Janelle is the main woman who is so convinced that the property needs to be built on. What’s more, she sacrificed buying her own home to live on the land in a mobile home. It was a chance to put all her resources into Coyote Pass. So why does Robyn have such a stake in the property?

Sister Wives: How Much Property Does Each Wife Own?

It turns out that Robyn actually owns more Coyote Pass land than Janelle and Meri Brown. In The Celeb Talk Guy video, the parcels were completely separated.

Initially, before Christine left, she had over 17% interest in Coyote Pass, Janelle Borwn 32% and Meri Brown over 15%. Robyn Brown had the most at 34.5% and Kody Brown technically owned everything because his name was on every document. Then Christine divorced him in early 2021. He sold his plot for ten dollars, so it was redistributed. Robyn now owns 52% of the land with Christine’s departure and this may be because she is Kody’s only legal wife. In addition, each woman was ordered to share at least part of her land with another wife. The only exception was Robyn, as she did not intend to share with anyone. It was always claimed that the women did not agree with Robyn, but Janelle argued that she was alienating herself and her children.

The plans show that Robyn wanted to be as far away from everyone as possible. However, Janelle Brown and Meri Brown have now left Kody. Meri didn’t care much about building on the land, but Janelle cares a lot. It will be interesting to see how these plots are redistributed, that is, if they don’t lose the land.

Robyn Brown may not have to worry about how much she owns in the near future. It looks like Kody Brown will have to pay off the Coyote Pass by 2023 or it will no longer be his. But with only one wife left, that may not be an easy feat.

What’s more, he has a luxurious home with Robyn, so does he even care if he doesn’t own the land in the long run? That’s the big question, and why he was never really with Janelle when they were still married. He knew he had a mansion with Robyn, so why should he stay in a junk residence?

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