Sister Wives: Will Janelle Brown Return to Polygamy or Seek Monogamy?

Sister Wives: Will Janelle Brown Return to Polygamy or Seek Monogamy?

In the most recent episode of Sister Wives Season 18, Christine Brown was seen celebrating her first Easter since her divorce from Kody Brown. The episode was anything but dull, with Christine engaging in a private conversation with her former co-wife, Janelle Brown. Christine seemed surprised by Janelle’s willingness to reconsider the polygamous lifestyle. According to Christine, life post-divorce has been liberating. Yet, Janelle is torn between the freedom of monogamy and the familiarity of polygamy.

This episode reveals a complex emotional landscape. Christine felt melancholic about Janelle Brown’s quandary, admitting in the confessional that she felt pity for her friend. She narrated how Kody’s actions are far from loving, as he picked Janelle up on her birthday for a quick lunch, only to drop her back home and continue with his life with Robyn. Such actions contribute to Janelle’s reevaluation of her relationship status. But is she willing to be a second fiddle in the family again?

Fans are buzzing about Janelle’s openness to return to the polygamous relationship but under specific conditions. According to her, Kody must treat her as an equal marriage partner and not merely a friend. The condition sounds simple enough, but it stands in stark contrast to Kody’s recent admissions. During an interview, Kody revealed a lack of “flame” or passion when he is around his other wives, a comment that surely complicates matters further.

Kody Brown: The Loving Patriarch or the Villain in the Family Drama?

Kody Brown’s perspective offers another angle to this complicated family dynamic. Despite the turmoil, Kody remains keen to have Janelle rejoin the family. He has even blamed Christine for influencing Janelle to step away, branding Christine as the nemesis in this narrative. Kody mentioned in the latest episode that he saw “signs” of Janelle’s willingness to return to the family fold. He also added that the two are still in touch, both over the phone and during occasional face-to-face meetings.

Yet, Kody’s approach has raised eyebrows among the show’s avid watchers. He seemingly wants to tread carefully, hoping not to disturb the existing balance of the family, especially with the children involved. But this cautious stance is garnering negative responses from fans. One fan commented on TLC’s Instagram post, “Imagine your husband referring to you as a situation,” highlighting Kody’s problematic approach to dealing with his multiple relationships.

The patriarch has attracted more scrutiny after professing his love for Robyn as the “love of his life,” while merely managing the “situations” with his other wives. Such a declaration only fuels the belief among viewers that Kody may not be as committed to resolving issues with Janelle as he appears. Instead, his biased attention toward Robyn is seen as the crux of the issues that the Brown family faces today.

Fan Reactions Highlight Kody’s Missteps

Public opinion is never shy when it comes to reality TV, and the Brown family drama is no exception. Fans are making their voices heard on social media platforms, and it appears that Kody is in the hot seat. Comments on TLC’s social media pages suggest that the patriarch is unable to recognize his own errors.

One commenter pinpointed the issue, stating, “You admit that Robyn is the ‘love of your life,’ yet can’t see past your own ego and entitlement to see why this might hurt your other wives.” This fan sentiment encapsulates what many believe to be Kody’s biggest obstacle—his inability to empathize with the feelings of his other wives, particularly in regard to his overt favoritism towards Robyn.

As the Brown family navigates these complex relationship dynamics, the audience is left to speculate on the future of the family and, more importantly, Janelle’s ultimate decision. Will she return to polygamy under her stated conditions, or will she opt for a monogamous lifestyle? With Kody’s recent admissions and the evident fan backlash, it’s a decision fraught with complexities and potential repercussions.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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