Will Janelle Brown’s Reluctance to Divorce Kody Brown Shake the Sister Wives Dynasty?

Will Janelle Brown's Reluctance to Divorce Kody Brown Shake the Sister Wives Dynasty?

If you’ve been following the TLC sensation “Sister Wives,” you know things have been anything but smooth in the Brown family lately. Season 18 has been a whirlwind, and you, dear fans, are all over it!

Sister Wives: Why is Janelle Brown Hesitant to Walk Away?

Let’s get to the obvious topic-the reluctance of Janelle Brown to divorce Kody Brown. For those who haven’t kept up, season 18 hints at a giant rift between Kody and Janelle. In a shocking twist, Janelle seems less than eager to turn her back on the man who is more of a “friend” than a husband, according to her own words.

Don’t get me wrong. At first, Janelle Brown seemed like a beacon of hope. She was the woman who would possibly pull the plug and shake the pillars of this polygamous empire. But as the episodes unfolded, she made it clear-divorce is not on her to-do list. To the disappointment of many fans, she took it off the table. And let’s not forget how Christine Brown, the one who parted ways with Kody, is baffled by Janelle’s reluctance to date again. It’s confusing, to say the least.

Sister Wives: Is Janelle Brown the New Meri Brown?

Remember the days when Meri was the talk of the town? Yes, we all know how Meri spent years clarifying why she stayed with Kody as a third wheel. Some even began to draw parallels between Janelle and Meri, calling Janelle the “new Meri.” Is it fair to label her that way just because she shares a similar faith-driven hesitancy toward divorce?

Let’s not ignore the fact that Janelle and Kody share a confusing past, one that precedes even Meri. How many of you know that Janelle was previously married to Meri’s brother, Adam Barber? Yes, you read correctly! The duo married in 1998 at a Salt City LDS temple and later divorced. And if you want to go further down the rabbit hole, US Weekly revealed that Janelle’s mother, Sheryl, was married to Kody’s father, Winn, who died in 2013. So technically, she knew Kody long before Meri introduced them. What’s going on there, right?

But here’s the punchline: amid all these tapes and confessions, people are wondering about the authenticity of this reality TV drama. Some die-hard Sister Wives fans on Facebook even speculate that all this tension may have been scripted. After all, what is reality TV without a dose of good old-fashioned drama to keep the ratings up?

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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