Sister Wives: Major Changes Are Happening In The Sister Wives Family.

Sister Wives: Major Changes Are Happening In The Sister Wives Family.

Robyn Brown doesn’t think Kody Brown was obliged to help Janelle Brown sort out her impulsive house purchase. Janelle made the sudden and unexpected decision to buy a mobile home. She explained that she had to make the decision quickly because the model she wanted/needed was only in stock one in the entire United States. Janelle Brown quickly ran into a problem when she learned that the Kody truck was not powerful enough to tow a trailer. So she now needed a new truck.

Kody Brown reveals during his weekly episode that his late brother’s widow still owned his brother’s truck. The truck was powerful enough to haul the trailer. And that gave her the opportunity to keep the truck in the family.

So she really just had to get the truck for more than one reason. He was pretty happy to get the truth. But he told Janelle Brown that he wasn’t a big fan of having two trucks because he didn’t like having equipment he didn’t use. Janelle tried to remedy the situation by saying she could drive a truck. But she didn’t like that idea either.

Sister Wives: Major Changes Are Happening In The Sister Wives Family.

During the testimony, Robyn threw up her hands and rolled her eyes in panic to get the truck because Janelle was in a hurry to buy an RV.

Robyn Brown tells the cameras that she just didn’t think this was a situation where Kody had to buy a truck. And she didn’t seem to think Kody Brown was obligated to help Janelle in the current situation.

Robyn Brown also thought Janelle’s idea of driving a giant truck around town was comical. She made it clear that it wasn’t her words, but there are rumours swirling in the family that Janelle is NOT a good driver. And, according to her, this is especially true with large vehicles. So she just wasn’t sure if Kody Brown letting Janelle drive a big truck made any sense. Although she thought it was a funny image in her head.

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