Sister Wives’ Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Plan Lavish Home Upgrades Amidst Janelle Brown’s Financial Struggles

Sister Wives' Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Plan Lavish Home Upgrades Amidst Janelle Brown's Financial Struggles

In a striking display of the contrasting fortunes within the ‘Sister Wives‘ family, Kody Brown and his wife Robyn Brown have embarked on an ambitious project to enhance their luxurious $1.8 million mansion in Flagstaff, Arizona. This move comes four years after their relocation to the city, along with plans to develop the additional land they acquired on Coyote Pass.

According to exclusive information obtained by The U.S. Sun from Coconino County land records, the couple has secured a residential self-issue permit for extensive upgrades. The permit, effective until June 2024, outlines plans for panel upgrades, mechanical equipment enhancements, water heater replacement, re-roofing, and selective demolition. The Browns are also looking to revamp their yard, marking a significant investment in their already opulent abode.

Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Faces Economic Hardship While Kody and Robyn Brown Upgrade Mansion

While Kody Brown and Robyn Brown are set to invest a substantial sum into their home, the situation is drastically different for Kody’s ex-wife, Janelle. Viewers of ‘Sister Wives’ have witnessed her candid revelations about her financial challenges. “I’m stuck. Financially, I have nothing,” Janelle expressed, highlighting her predicament. At 50, she finds herself unable to pursue her aspirations due to financial entanglements with the Browns.

Janelle Brown, currently residing in a modest apartment in Flagstaff, has had to put her dream of building a home on Coyote Pass on hold. This juxtaposition of the Browns’ living situations underscores the varying economic realities within the family. Meanwhile, the land on Coyote Pass remains largely untouched, with no immediate construction plans, adding to the uncertainty of Janelle’s future projects.

‘Sister Wives’ Kody and Robyn Confront Their Relationship’s Future

As Kody Brown and Robyn Brown proceed with their home improvements, their marriage has come under scrutiny in the ‘Sister Wives: One on One’ special. Robyn revealed the challenges they face, admitting that Kody often “tries to” sabotage their relationship. “He picks fights with me over dumb things… I’m in a major place of mourning and he’s angry,” she shared, shedding light on the emotional turbulence within their marriage.

Kody himself acknowledged the pact between him and Robyn – if they “weren’t in love,” they wouldn’t continue their marriage. This candid admission adds another layer to the complex dynamics of the Brown family as seen in ‘Sister Wives’.

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Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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