Sister Wives Fans Have Been Calling Out Kody And Robyn Lately.

Sister Wives Fans Have Been Calling Out Kody And Robyn Lately.

Apparently, many are upset about Kody Brown and Robyn Brown’s improper relationship. It is also said that the two are beginning to live as a monogamous couple. It is also believed that Kody no longer visits other families.

However, some think that season 17 may be a game changer for the plural family. According to some, it is possible that Kody and Robyn will make a big change in hopes of reuniting the family.

Sister Wives Fans Have Been Calling Out Kody And Robyn Lately.

Sister Wives fans took to the airwaves on Reddit to discuss the possibility of Kody Brown and Robyn Brown making a big switch in Season 17. According to some, the past few seasons have been nothing but a struggle for the multi-family. Kody and Robyn have also been criticized by fans for their unfair relationship.

For this reason, some believe that season 17 will be the best opportunity for Kody Brown and Robyn Brown to redeem themselves. Others agree and argue that Kody can begin to bring peace to the plural family by visiting the other wives more often. Some fans also hope that Kody will finally pay attention to the other children instead of just Robyn’s.

At the moment, Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn are silent ahead of season 17. Some of the other wives have already acknowledged their upcoming season. However, it seems that Kody and Robyn still want to keep things private.

Some fans are also worried that they might be in for a heartbreaking story after the TLC teaser. Apparently, the teaser shows one of the Sister Wives logos falling off, suggesting that one of the women has left. Some think this is a reference to Christine Brown’s departure, others think it could be about another wife.

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