Sister Wives: Why Does Everyone Hate Robyn Brown?

Sister Wives: Why Does Everyone Hate Robyn Brown?

Robyn Brown has never fallen out of love with Sister Wives fans since she became an actress. Fans believe she has brought nothing but trouble to the Brown family. The fact that Kody Brown treats her with priority over his other wives angers many fans.

Robyn Brown was forced into the Brown family. After all, Kody Brown was already married to Mary, Janelle and Christine. For 16 years they lived together with their children. But they felt the need for a fourth wife. Meri spotted Robyn Brown at a friend’s party. Meri felt she was a good match and told Kody Brown to give her a chance.

At the premiere of Sister Wives in 2010, Kody Brown proposed to Robyn Brown . They were married by the end of the season. However, some events took place that made fans dislike Robyn a lot.

First of all, instead of Kody being by her side during Christine’s delivery, he got engaged to Robyn. Even when Kody picked out her wedding dress, the other women did not attend.

They felt betrayed by Robyn because he had taken them shopping earlier. Then Kody openly made her his favourite woman. It even went so far that in season 16, fans began to think that Kody was married only to Robyn.

Sister Wives: Why Does Everyone Hate Robyn Brown?

Fans hate Robyn Brown because he manipulates events to favour only him. They feel that his manipulation is how he managed to get complete control of Kody during the COVID-19 pandemic. Another thing that annoys fans is that he is quick to play the victim card. Fans even nicknamed her “Sobbyn Robyn” on social media. In the end, fans still see Robyn as a brilliant woman who wants Kody all to herself.

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