The Bachelor: Is Clayton Echard and Susie Evans Together Now?

The Bachelor: Is Clayton Echard and Susie Evans Together Now?

The Bachelor stars Clayton Echard and Susie Evans have led The Bachelor nation to believe they are splitting up. Recent news that reached fans of the hit reality series gives the impression that the couple may be slowly drifting apart and are looking to lighten up. This comes after the couple have been together for a few months and have even moved in together.

As Clayton Echard has been searching for love in the finale of The Bachelor’s 26th season, he finally got together with Susie after what fans considered the worst season yet. Susie Evans works as a wedding videographer, while the former football player is now an online fitness trainer and mental health advocate.

Clayton Echard eventually decided to move to Susie’s hometown of Virginia Beach, where they have been together ever since. The couple can be seen making videos and having fun on TikTok and Instagram, but fans of The Bachelor feel it may soon be over.

The Bachelor: Is Clayton Echard and Susie Evans Together Now?

Clayton Echard recently announced his real departure on the spot, and fans think it’s a precursor to an inevitable parting. Clayton mentioned in the podcast that they are parting to chase their dreams, with Susie Evans going to Los Angeles to further her career as a travel videographer and him back to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Fans thought it was unusual that a man wouldn’t go to LA with his wife, considering The Bachelor star moved from Arizona to be with Susie Evans. Viewers of the show have pointed out on social media how this sudden announcement could be a slow step towards Clayton and Susie’s breakup.

Viewers of The Bachelor thought their goals would lead them apart as a budding couple, as Clayton works remotely and could just as easily be working in California as in Arizona, but instead he decided to move away from his hard-fought love.

Redditors think that taking the relationship far away may be too much for the couple, as Susie works weekends as a wedding videographer and is also trying to expand in her field. While Clayton said in the podcast that, based on past experience, a long-distance relationship can be good for the couple, fans didn’t miss that she also acknowledged that distance can negatively affect the relationship.

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