The Bachelor: Clayton Echard’s Season is Teeming With Drama

The Bachelor: Clayton Echard's Season is Teeming With Drama

Clayton Echard has been heralded as ‘The Bachelor’ for some time. While Bachelor Nation is still struggling to come to terms with his selection, the new leading man is doing his best to convince fans that he was a good choice – despite his dramatic season teaser telling us otherwise.

Clayton, who starred in the previous season of The Bachelorette’s Michelle Young, barely had any significant screen time, so fans didn’t get a chance to find out more about her.

Recently, a teaser trailer for his season (which premieres in the new year) was released, which follows him on his “journey” to find love – which seems to be quite successful, as in the closing moments Clayton confessed that he has fallen in love with three women and has been intimate with two of them. This fact calls for a drama that is unlikely to have seen anything like “The Bachelor” before. In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Clayton Echard explained that he navigated the “minefields” of drama during his season.

The Bachelor: Clayton Echard’s Season is Teeming With Drama

Clayton Echard dropped out of The Bachelorette surprisingly early and failed to form a deep bond with Michelle. The Bachelor was new to her and she had no “previous experience” to help prepare her for the ABC reality show.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, The Bachelor said: “There was no previous experience for me that I could ever pull from that would even prepare me for these moments.” Clayton Echard also likened his journey to walking on a minefield. “More than a few times I found myself walking into a minefield … I was like ‘Oh didn’t realize I was stuck on a bomb’.”

He went on to say that when so many people lived in one house together, there had to be drama. Despite the many challenges in the search for love, Clayton is confident she gave it her best – even if it meant losing a few battles.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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