Daisy Kent’s Powerful Response to Criticism Over Her Voice

Daisy Kent's Powerful Response to Criticism Over Her Voice

Recently, Daisy Kent, a contestant on “The Bachelor,” stood up to an online critic who didn’t like how she speaks, especially her “vocal fry.” Kent, who is competing for Joey Graziadei’s heart and is a fan favorite, often receives comments about her voice. Usually, she ignores the negativity, but this time, she decided to speak out.

Daisy Kent Stands Up to Online Critic

Daisy Kent, who was on “The Bachelor,” faced an online critic who said mean things about her speech. Kent usually ignores negative comments, but this time she decided to reply. She shared one comment that criticized her “vocal fry.”

In her response, Kent explained, “I know I don’t have to explain myself but I do have a cochlear implant, which is how I hear. And I can’t always tell exactly what my voice is sounding like. I can’t always tell if I’m being loud or if I’m being quiet, or if I have a vocal fry or if I don’t.'”

Kent said harsh critiques make her doubt herself, especially about her voice. She added, “And it is sad because losing my hearing and getting a cochlear implant is something that really affected my confidence. And the show, all of the producers, all of the cast, it was such, like, a confidence builder for me and everyone was so supportive of me.”

She was sad because mean comments can make people doubt themselves.

How Daisy Kent’s Journey on ‘The Bachelor’ Is Changing Lives

Daisy Kent shared how negative comments affect her emotionally. She said that, even though she’s a public figure, she still feels hurt. But she’s grateful for fans who support her and celebrate her achievements.

“My voice is not something I can always tell & these comments do hurt because I am human. Overall, they remind me how proud I should be for doing something & sharing a vulnerable part of me,” Kent remarked.

She told a story about a teenager who contacted her, saying Kent on “The Bachelor” inspired her to face her challenges with more confidence. Kent’s message was simple: kindness is important.

Kent is still getting used to her cochlear implant and learning to hear new sounds. She wasn’t prepared for the intense sounds and activities in the mansion.

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Written by Emma Fisher

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