The Bachelor: Who Is Cassie Randolph Dating?

The Bachelor: Who Is Cassie Dating?

In May, Cassie Randolph announced that she and Colton Underwood have officially ended their almost two-year relationship. The bachelor stars shared long statements about social media addressing their breakup. After their messy public split, Colton was spotted on a rise with Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale, sparking dating rumors.

While Cassie kept mommy on the subject of her ex-boyfriend’s possible move on, the former ABC star had also recently had fans asking if she also found love again post-Colton. So, who is Cassie dating? Keep reading to learn more about the internet rumors circulating about the love life of the 25-year-old.

The Bachelor: Who Is Cassie Dating?

Recently there were rumors that Cassie was from Brighton Reinhardt after reports appeared that the musician was spending time with the family of the Bachelor Nation star in her hometown of Huntington Beach, California. In addition, fans have noticed that the couple also followed each other on Instagram and have pictures on their respective social media accounts.

While that doesn’t automatically equate to a full-fledged romance, it certainly shows that the couple may be talking. However, despite ongoing speculation that Cassie Randolph was involved in a new summer romance, Brighton talked to Us weekly and shot the rumors about a relationship.

“Cassie and I are just friends and have been for over four years,” told the 23-year-old the outlet. “My brothers and I are all close with Cassie and her whole family.” Basically, they are #JustFriends.

Although their first separation posts declared that they would “remain part of each other’s lives”, this was apparently not the case. Last month, Colton accused his ex of breaking their pact and not talking publicly about their relationship.

Cassie was interviewed by Bachelor host Chris Harrison and talked about their public break.

After criticizing his ex in a social media statement, Cassie responded with her own Instagram post. “I’d like to say that I don’t want to create an online petty war,” Cassie said. Added, “Colton Underwood, your last Instagram post saddened me but also left me frustrated. It seems you’re subtly engaged in a tactic that turns peppers into aggressive comments like ‘that clearly changed this week’ to make me look like the bad one.”

She continued: “On Monday night you told me that you intend to monetize our fracture by writing a new chapter to discuss your experience with COVID (where you stayed in my family’s house during your recovery & about our fracture)”.

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