Will Christine Brown Still Be On Sister Wives?

Will Christine Brown Still Be On Sister Wives?

As Sister Wives fans prepare for a new season, they have many questions on their minds. Recently, TLC took to their social media to confirm that they will be bringing the series back for a new season.

With that, they also unveiled its release date, announcing that the Brown family’s journey will resume from September 2022. So everyone is quite excited to see the family members again. Well, some of them are doubtful. That’s because Christine Brown announced her divorce from Kody Brown last year. So will she appear in the new season?

Will Christine Brown Still Be On Sister Wives?

Last season, something quite unexpected happened on Sister Wives. Well, one of the wives finally called out Kody Brown’s hypocrisy and put him in his place. Well, it was none other than his third wife Christine Brown. Days before the series was taken over by TLC; she also made an official announcement about their divorce.

Thus, viewers got to see how their relationship fell apart in the last season. In fact, she also kicked the polygamist out of his Flagstaff house and told him to pack his bags. Thus, fans are still curious to know whether she will be part of the new season or not if she and Kody Brown are no longer together.

Well, it turns out that Christine Brown will definitely be taking part in the 17th season of Sister Wives. That’s because her son Paedon Brown confirmed her return last year on Tik Tok. What’s more, the description of the premiere episode said that Kody and Christine will talk about their marriage. So Kody Brown’s ex-wife is definitely part of the reality series.

Well, Sister Wives viewers were quite happy about this revelation. So they are curious to see the new side of Christine after her separation. Moreover, they always wonder about her social media posts as she seems much more calm and relaxed now.

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