Sister Wives: Brown Kids Break Silence on Polygamy After Parents’ Shock Divorce!

Sister Wives: Brown Kids Break Silence on Polygamy After Parents' Shock Divorce!

In a sensational development from the world of reality TV, the children of ‘Sister Wives’ stars Christine Brown and Kody Brown are voicing their opinions on polygamy, a practice central to their family’s life. This revelation follows the dramatic end of Kody and Christine’s marriage during the show’s 17th season, a split that has sent shockwaves through the Brown family and its dedicated viewers.

Children of Christine Brown Speak Out

In a revealing preview from the recent ‘Sister Wives‘ wedding special aired by Access Hollywood, Christine’s daughters, raised in a polygamous setting, boldly shared their views on the practice. Aspyn Thompson, married since 2018, expressed a poignant sentiment, “I just don’t think polygamy’s good for everyone – it wasn’t good for my mom, in the end. It was good for her for a while, and then she needed something different.” Such words from a daughter who has witnessed the ups and downs of a polygamous lifestyle carry significant weight, casting a spotlight on the personal impacts of this complex family structure.

How Christine Brown’s New Love is Reshaping Her Children’s View on Polygamy!

Ysabel Brown, another of Kody and Christine’s daughters, mirrored her sister’s thoughts. She stated, “I would never want to live polygamy,” despite being “really thankful” for the siblings and extended family it brought her. This bittersweet acknowledgment from Ysabel underscores the nuanced experiences of children raised in polygamous families, appreciating the unique bonds it fostered while personally rejecting the practice for their own future.

Mykelti Padron, another family member, traced her changing perspective on polygamy back to the family’s move from Utah to Nevada. “Honestly, in Las Vegas is when my opinion about polygamy started to really shift,” she revealed, highlighting how geographical and environmental changes can profoundly affect personal beliefs and values. Mykelti’s reflection on her mother’s recent marriage to David Woolley, describing it as “incredible” and “everything that my mom deserves,” sheds light on the contrasting dynamics of her mother’s past and present relationships.

The Brown children, particularly those of Christine Brown and Kody Brown, have witnessed the strains and joys of polygamous life. With Christine’s newfound happiness with David, they are afforded a new lens through which to view their parents’ former union. This shift in perspective raises intriguing questions about the future choices of Robyn and Kody’s children regarding polygamy.

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