Christine Brown and David Woolley Open Up About Meri Brown’s New Love.

Christine Brown and David Woolley Open Up About Meri Brown's New Love.

Christine Brown, known from the “Sister Wives” series, recently shared her thoughts on Meri Brown’s announcement about her relationship with Amos. Like everyone else, the news surprised Christine. Meri, a famous person from the show, chose to make her relationship with Amos public on her birthday, which marked a promising start to the year.

Meri and Amos have been together since October 2023. They have kept a low profile to strengthen their bond. Christine welcomed this new beginning. She expressed genuine joy for her former co-wife’s romantic journey. They weren’t close.

Christine Brown and David Woolley Share Insights on Love, Cheer for Meri and Amos’s Joyful Union

During an interview, Christine Brown and David Woolley talked about Amos and Meri Brown. Christine shared her excitement, saying, “I’m just happy for her. So happy for her. That is absolutely awesome. I’m just thrilled for her to be able to be in a romantic relationship.” David Woolley also noticed the happiness in both Meri and Amos, saying, “She looks really happy. He looks happy. They both look happy. That’s all that matters.”

They also talked about the importance of feeling cherished in a relationship. Christine mentioned the strong bond she has with David, saying, “David loves me more than anybody else. I love him more than anybody else. It really is a powerful thing to know that you really have your person.”

Meri Brown Ventures into New Business Endeavors

Meri Brown is exploring new things in her personal life. She’s also exploring new things in her professional life. The upcoming launch of “Worthy Up!” seems to continue her journey toward personal empowerment and growth. On social media, Meri shared, “Your worth is inside you and has been all along! Did you forget? Or did you let someone tell you otherwise? Don’t worry, YOU got you!”

In addition to “Worthy Up!”, Meri has taken a big step. She established Meri Brown Communications LLC to make her mark in social media. She also wanted to make her mark in entertainment, public speaking, and more.

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Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.