Christine Brown’s Surprising Love Advice Post-Divorce – Learn Her Secrets!

Christine Brown's Surprising Love Advice Post-Divorce - Learn Her Secrets!

Christine Brown, known for her prominent role in the hit TV show ‘Sister Wives’, recently opened up in an exclusive video interview with In Touch about her journey from divorce to finding true love. The 51-year-old star shared her personal advice for those navigating the world of love post-divorce and discussed her upcoming special, ‘Sister Wives: Christine and David’s Wedding’.

Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown’s Secret

In the interview, Christine Brown emphasized the importance of self-growth and confidence. “First of all, work on yourself,” she advises, highlighting the need for individuals to feel secure in their identity and clear about what they seek in a partner. Her message is clear: understanding oneself is the first step towards attracting the right person.

From Online Dating to Finding ‘The One’

Christine Brown’s path to love wasn’t straightforward. After ending her spiritual marriage with Kody Brown in November 2021, she embraced single life for over a year. It was in January 2023 that she ventured into the world of online dating, a journey she candidly described as “awkward” on Instagram, calling out for advice on dating at 50.

However, Valentine’s Day 2023 marked a turning point when Christine revealed her relationship with David Woolley, 60. She fondly recalls the moment, “The first time he held me close, it felt like my soul took its first breath.” The couple’s engagement in April 2023 and their wedding in Moab, Utah, on October 7, 2023, were the next chapters in their love story.

Christine Brown and David Woolley’s Magnificent Wedding!

During the interview, David Woolley joined Christine to discuss their decision to televise their wedding. The couple recognized the importance of sharing this joyous occasion with fans who had been following Christine’s journey for over a decade. “We were talking about our wedding and things like that. And then just through the discussion, he’s like, ‘Look, you have people that have been watching you for 14 years now… And I think they would appreciate watching it,’” Christine shared.

David expressed his initial surprise at the scale of the televised event, likening it to a royal wedding. Despite the grandeur, he understood the significance of allowing viewers to be a part of their special day, acknowledging the fans’ desire to witness this milestone in Christine’s life.

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