Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Daughters Embrace New Stepdad

Sister Wives: Christine Brown's Daughters Embrace New Stepdad

Christine Brown’s love story with David Woolley is nothing short of a fairytale. The star of ‘Sister Wives,’ who famously left her polygamous life behind, has found her happily ever after. Christine’s journey from reality TV to real-life romance culminates in a beautiful wedding, much to the delight of her children and fans alike.

Christine Brown’s Daughters Embrace Their New Stepfather

As seen in the upcoming TLC wedding special, Christine’s daughters gather to express their excitement for the big day. Aspyn Brown Thompson, alongside her sisters Ysabel and Truely, openly shares her eagerness. “We are very excited for mom’s wedding,” says Aspyn, reflecting the sentiment of her siblings. This heartwarming scene showcases the family’s acceptance and love for David, a significant contrast to their previous experiences with their father, Kody Brown.

This acceptance is echoed by Mykelti, who confidently states, “I have already accepted [David] as our stepfather.” Such statements reveal the positive impact David has had on Christine’s family, bridging the gap left by their former familial structure.

Ysabel Brown on Christine’s Wedding: ‘He’s Obsessed with Her’

Christine’s wedding to David Woolley was a magical event, set against the stunning backdrop of Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah. Her son, Paedon, and her father had the honor of walking her down the aisle, a moment that symbolizes a new beginning for Christine. Dressed in a gown from Boda Bridal, she radiated happiness and contentment.

In a touching moment captured by TODAY, Christine reassures one of her children, “I’m never going to get cold feet. I’m marrying the love of my life.” This statement encapsulates the essence of her journey – a transition from a complicated past to a future filled with love and certainty.

Christine’s daughters, particularly Ysabel, articulate their joy at seeing their mother so deeply loved and appreciated. “He’s obsessed with her and so it’s nice to see that,” Ysabel comments. These heartfelt family moments paint a picture of a woman who has not only found love but has also brought her family into this new chapter of happiness and unity.

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