Sister Wives: Christine Irritating the Fans?

Sister Wives: Christine Irritating the Fans?

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown has gathered a lot of attention about her messages in the last days after the setback. Kody Brown’s third wife can be seen at home in her recent messages. But for someone who is spending these days in isolation, she can certainly find ways to pee off some fans of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Christine Writes It. But Doesn’t Show It

Christine Brown’s last post describes a wonderful day. She claims to have just finished a day of sunshine and fresh air. She also says it’s “nice to be alive”, but her face in the photo doesn’t seem to reflect the peace and satisfaction she writes about.

This Sister Wives appears on the picture below a bit more lost than happy. She placed a few more pictures of herself and the children playing in the backyard.

It didn’t take long for the question “Where is Kody Brown?” to come up from the followers of the Sister Wives. One comment even suggested that Kody Brown spent all his time with Robyn Brown’s children and that he should pay more attention to Truely.

Another fan caught Christine’s words in his post and called her. Christine wrote, “Just finish the fresh air and sun today,” but the fan asked if she meant “enjoy” instead of “finish. A little slip of the Sister Wives’ mother part? Maybe that’s how she feels today, after the week she spent online.

Sister Wives: Christine Irritating the Fans?

Seems this Sister Wives lady can’t get enough of her husband and sometimes his attempts seem rather sad. Fans have suggested that last week Christine seemed to be trying to seduce Kody Brown online. They also suggested how this move took a blow to the other three wives.

She wore a top and suggested that it worked well in the bedroom, just like street clothes. But the fans assumed from Christine Brown’s innuendo that she took the opportunity to take a seductive shot at Kody at the same time.

This incident occurred in the wake of her now famous evening date photo, where she gave fans “sexy hugs”. She got all dressed up, even in red stilettos. This too was seen as a dig in the trio of women who would not join Christine and Kody on a date.

It wasn’t the only thing that went on this week, with the result that Christine Brown hit a nasty umbilical cord with the fans. Apparently Christine meant well when she talked about the sad things that are happening in this country today.

She also tried to sell her LuLaRoe clothing line in the same post. People banged the wife and mother of this Sister Wives for not using her platform to get a message out. Instead, she used it to sell her merchandise. Her followers thought it was in bad taste to advertise her clothes for sale in the same post talking about the horrendous problems this country is facing.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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