Sister Wives: Christine Brown Spilling More Tea

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Spilling More Tea

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is quite active on her Facebook page where she sells LuLaRoe clothing. But this time, instead of taking a big step forward in sales, she has been engaged in other activities. Apparently, Kody Brown’s third wife needs $50,000 for her daughter. What could that be? Let’s take a look.

We all know Ysabel Brown could need surgery for her scoliosis. But the family thought it would be best to try some other remedy to avoid surgery. They wanted to do it because of the long-term effects the surgery might have on her body.

In one of her live videos, fans started asking for details. But she said she can’t say much because of the NDA she has with TLC. However, that ended just as a confirmation that the family was filming another season.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Spilling More Tea

Christine Brown talked about how she made sales with her daughters. They asked her why she worked so hard to make sales and her answer was a bit shocking. She said they need $50,000 for the surgery.

She revealed that one of her daughters needs surgery and that she needs the money for the down payment. Then later, she provided further clarification in the video. It’s something they’ve already filmed for the show and fans will have to watch it to learn more.

She said it’s someone that was mentioned on the show. Also, there was already a plot for that. That means it’s most likely for Ysabel Brown.

Massive Family Property of The Brown Family

The priority the Browns give the family is questionable. It’s a little strange that they live in huge houses with huge rents and that Christine is struggling to raise money for her daughter’s medical intervention.

Although the health care system is charging a lot these days, it is still ironic that people who own a lot of property are going through this period. The family has always been drowned in a financial crisis.

When they bought so many properties in Arizona, they were already drowned in debt. Despite this, Robyn and Kody bought a nearly $1 million house with a view and everything else.

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