Sister Wives: Christine Brown is Usually Kody Brown’s Biggest Fan

Sister Wives: Christine Brown is Usually Kody Brown’s Biggest Fan

Sister Wives star Christine looks like a frustrated wife in the next episode when she suddenly realizes Kody went against her wishes. The third woman in this Sister Wives multiple marriage explains how she believes Kody Brown hasn’t listened to what she has said about community life.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown is Usually Kody Brown’s Biggest Fan

In the new Sunday night episode, Christine Brown indicates that she told Kody her thoughts about living in a house with the other wives. But Kody still presents her detailed presentation for this shared home to show her family.

So, Christine Brown, along with the rest of the family, listens as Kody Brown shares her attempt to tighten the Sisters Wives’ life situation. But when he’s finished, she too unleashes some of his thoughts.

It seems Christine Brown is taken back with amazement that Kody Brown is looking at the one house idea again. At the TLC Preview, Christine said how it seems to her that Kody hasn’t heard about this idea in the past.

Christine Brown also states in the video below that she doesn’t want to live together anymore. But this is Sister Wives and the family has a leader. They all signed up and that leader is Kody Brown.

In the decade of the Sister Wives seasons, it’s easy to see that Christine loves Kody Brown. Fans often comment on how Kody Brown’s third wife tends to hang on to every word. So if she gets frustrated about his big house plans, the scenes can only get more interesting.

Sister Wives – Two Look Promising for Kody Brown

It is clear that the 18-year-old father of the Sisters Wives went to a great deal of trouble in the upcoming episode to prepare his grand presentation of the house. In last week’s episode, Kody expressed how he spent a lot of time preparing his proposal to sell the castle to his wives.

But in this new episode it seems that Kody Brown may be able to win only 50 percent of the votes of the women of Sister Wives. The previews show that two of his women respond positively to his one-part living dream.

But it also seems that two of his wives don’t, one of whom is Christine Brown. Janelle Brown spoke on behalf of the family of the Sisters Wives who reside under the same roof. “I really like the one house thing, I’ve always liked it,” said Janelle Brown.

So it sounds as if his Sister Wives’ second wife is on Kody’s side. Meri Brown has questions but her demeanor in the preview suggests she may sway Kody’s way with this castle.

Some Convincing Needed Here

Not only did Kody surprise Robyn Brown with her presentation, but she seemed frustrated too. The youngest wife of the Sisters Wives tribe said, “Ahh… I don’t know what to do with this now.” But she never came up with a definitive no. Only one wife made her take sides against this one clear: Christine Brown.

The wife who might surprise the fans most in the next episode is Christine Brown. She doesn’t seem to be siding with her husband for the Sisters Wives camera. She doesn’t understand why Kody has continued with these projects, even though she made him understand her point of view. But it looks like Kody is putting on his leader’s hat again when it comes to building his castle. Or at least trying to.

Kody sounds as adamant about his big house as he did about the Flagstaff move. So, only time will tell if Kody Brown’s big house makes it off the drawing board and onto Coyote Pass.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. I adore all of you .would love for you keep being u don’t be worried about what anyone thinks u have life to fullest.i would love that life style so much.i think government just jealous what u have cause to scared open minds to new u all .deanna

  2. What a chaotic life. I watch only a portion of each episode. It’s all I can tolerate. I cannot fathom why any “one” woman would want to be in Kody’s kingdom let alone four.

  3. all this show has done is prove to everyone that polygamy is not do able. Just like we all suspected.
    The man gets the thrill of falling in love over and over and the women get to spend their time being miserable in their marriage.

  4. Omg I cant believe you said that about P….. one thing about there lives is no different than a man or woman sleeping around and not married just sleeping with a different man or woman ever night or weekly you meet in a bar at least they no who he is sleeping with so if what they are doing is Against the LAW then what do you call people that sleeps around with different people all the time?????

  5. I have been wanting to say this for along while. I want to know is why Kody thinks Mary was not a victim in the catfish thing. She had no idea that was a women, and why everyone one of four of y’all wasn’t there supporting her and help her threw being a empty nester. So, that was more more Kody fault than anyone’s has a husband he should have seen it. And for the life of me I cannot see why these women would want to support him and the wife’s that don’t work. Mary wake up they are just keeping in the family for your money. I would be darned if I paid a man who didn’t want come sleep with me. WAKE UP MARY! You would be better off with out them. And Robin you should be a shammed of yourself for treating the way you do, after all she has done for you.

  6. Kody seems move an awful lot. As much trouble they are having selling four houses in Las Vegas, you can imagine how much trouble they would have selling that monster house.

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