Sister Wives: Kody Brown Dreams of a Big House?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Dreams of a Big House?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown verbally licked his wounds on social media after last week’s episode showed his attempt to reunite the family. Kody demonstrated his version of life together for his Sister Wives clan.

His dream of having the whole family under one roof didn’t appeal to everyone. So it doesn’t seem like his only great idea of home is a done deal… yet. Or was it ever meant to be built?

Kody Brown Dreams of a Big House?

Sister Wives’ viewers have caught Kody Brown’s spiel, who last week called a pitch to his wives. Comments from all social media platforms suggest that Kody ruined everything for viewers with his first words.

“My house” was something that Kody repeated a couple of times while trying to sell his one big Sisters Wives house idea. Robyn Brown noticed “my house” and it looked like Kody had taken back Kody’s declared ownership of his dream house. But it seemed the other wives were more interested in what Kody was asking them to do – all together.

Kody’s sales pitch at first looked more like an invitation. He said he’s building a house and inviting his wives and children to move in with him. Every wife has her own kitchen, but Kody tried to lure them with another kitchen.

A central kitchen of the Sisters Wives, full of snacks for everyone, was a nice touch. But the wives didn’t seem to mind the easily accessible snacks.

Kody offered many reasons to see this great idea of home as a good thing. But he didn’t seem to look far into the future when he invented his ark of a home. Or was his dream house invented just to make a screen drama?

Sister Wives: Yodeling In the Golden Year

The Sister Wives model home was big and as Robyn put it, “white”. The decor and furnishings seemed a bit graceful for the family’s way of life, again something Robyn Brown pointed out. But that’s not the only problem with this house.

That huge open space with high ceilings probably offers great acoustics. In a few years time it could be one of the only things the room is full of – echos. The Sisters Wives tribe only has three children under the age of 15.

For the time it takes to build Kody’s ark, there is a good chance that all but three children will be gone or ready to leave for college. So unless the parents of the Wife Sisters expect to form a yodel team in their golden years, there’s plenty of room.

Kody’s vision of that big room full of Sister Wives’ children is a few decades late. Looks like that ship has sailed. Two decades ago this would have given the Sisters Wives a great place to raise a family. But most of that family is raised or will be near you when Kody’s home is complete.

This probably hasn’t gone unnoticed by Kody and all his Sister Wives. If anyone knows his nest is about to be emptied, it’s him. Then why all the fuss in this house?

Perhaps it’s the added drama they receive that pushes this great ark of a house onto the screen? It’s certainly caused some uproar in Kody, and social media is talking about it.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown: Jump Into Real-Time

Last week’s episode of Sister Wives, shot over a year ago. So if you jump ahead, real-time reports indicate they haven’t broken ground on Coyote Pass yet. So it’s already been a year since Kody offered up his yard.

Truely Brown is nine, Solomon Brown is eight, and Brown’s youngest son, Ariella, is four. All the other children are between the ages of 15 and 25. Eight of Sister Wives’ 18 children are over 21 and already out of the house.

Of the 10 children left at home, seven are in high school or university. So it’s likely they’ll be ready to fly the nest soon.

So the three little ones, Truely, Solomon and Ariella, will probably be the only ones home in a few years. That’s a lot of home for three kids.

Then, once all the Sister Wives’ children move into life, Kody Brown and four wives may find their building too big for them. If Janelle Brown thought that selling four separate houses in Las Vegas was a problem, can you imagine her trying to sell this house someday?

But it looks good on screen. Even if Kody doesn’t get the house she always dreamed of, fans need to see it and discuss it with her family. So he did the trick of entertaining the viewers, if that’s what this is all about?

That’s One Big Empty Nest With Very Little Sales Appeal

While the home of the Sisters Wives of Kody might look good on paper and in pictures. It doesn’t seem to fit into the empty nest phase of life already underway for the spouses of the Sisters Wives.

Maybe no one ever intended to build it. While Kody Brown always wanted a house, would it be possible to build something this big at this time in their lives? But the show sure helped.

But, after all, it takes place on the TLC reality show, it seems the family could end up with four individual houses on the Coyote Pass. Maybe that’s what they had in mind all along. Kody offers this suggestion in a real-time tweet in the article above. Looks like they’ve agreed on their future housing plans.

Kody said he’s looking forward to building “houses,” as in more than one, on Coyote Pass. That makes more sense to the family. Before building Coyote Pass, the four wives and Kody looked for houses to build.

Each house was much smaller than the houses in Las Vegas. It seems that even then they had thought about their future housing needs, with the children slowly leaving the house.

But who knows, maybe Kody really wants this huge house and wasn’t an extra thorn in the drama. But what Kody wants and what he gets might be two different things. It already looks like Coyote Pass will house four individual homes.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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