Sister Wives: Kody Brown Unloads Valentine’s Day Gifts

Sister Wives: Kody Unloads Valentine’s Day Gifts

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is not at the top of his game financially this season, but in the next episode he is also plagued by romantic suffering. Or so claims the father of 18 children. Valentine’s Day usually comes with some romance when you hand over your beloved candy or flowers. But not this year in the Sister Wives multiple marriage. Well, at least that’s what it looks like in the previews.

Kody Brown Unloads Valentine’s Day Gifts

In the next episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown celebrates Valentine’s Day, the holiday of February 14, with flowers for all four wives. Instead of waiting for a private moment to offer this gift to each individual wife, it is done in groups. Yes, a group hand, just like handing out flyers.

While Kody hands out a flower arrangement to each wife, the husbands of the sister wives do it in the same way that you could unload the groceries. The cut flowers arranged in four vases seem to earn him a few bucks.

This seems rather contradictory on the part of the man who claims to have big financial problems. But it’s Valentine’s Day. While the preview of Sister Wives shows Kody and his flowers, you don’t see any kind of romance. It’s as if Kody is completing a task at hand.

Maybe polygamy really kills romance, as Kody says later in the next episode of Sister Wives. Or perhaps a little effort could ward off the murder of romance, which he so readily blames on his lifestyle. Kody’s wives seem to think so.

Sister Wives: Polygamy Kills Romance according to Kody Brown

The preview for the next Sister Wives has Kody Brown talking about Valentine’s Day and romance. There are clips of him handing out bouquets to all his wives.

Then, Kody says, “I think marriage plural kills romance.” Robin says, “He can if you let him.” Christine Brown adds, “He can do it if you’re all in one house.”

Kody is a victim of Sister Wives’ montage this season or his tendency to feel sorry for himself has grown more than ever. He complains about how everyone wants something from him. As he continues with this shared house deal, the writing already seems to be hanging on the wall.

Not Enough Kody to Go Around?

It seems obvious that his Sister Wives’ dream house puts the wives too close together. That not only doesn’t work for them, it doesn’t work for him. Instead of a wife watching him walk out the door, he’ll have four. So if he thinks there isn’t enough to go around right now, he seems to realize that he will find himself pulled in too many directions in a shared home.

When he makes his rounds from one house to another, there’s only a series of Sister Wives watching him as he leaves. There’s only one wife asking him where he’s going. With all four Sister Wives under one roof, it’s a lot of explaining to Kody every day, all day.

So living together as one big happy family relieves the pain of Kody packing his bags and moving out every day. But that adds to the stress. While under the same roof with everyone, Kody risks being dragged in more than a dozen different directions at any one time.

That’s if everyone wants something from him the way he says they do. At least in individual homes, Kody can be completely present for his only wife and children. So Christine’s recipe for an easy way to kill romance may seem true. Put everyone under one roof. It also seems that polygamy can kill romance, but only if Kody allows it.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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