Sister Wives: Now Kody Wants Something From Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Now Kody Wants Something From Meri Brown

Sister Wives celebrity Meri Brown seemed confused about Kody Brown’s intentions when she found herself alone with him in the last episode. Well… as lonely as you can be with the TLC cameras running. But Kody stayed at Meri’s house after the couple finished their meeting and invited the TLC crew to stay as well.

Now Kody Wants Something From Meri Brown

Previous comments from Sister Wives fans indicate that many see Meri Brown as an outcast. Some fans suggest that she has been the victim of a harsh treatment of Kody Brown in the last couple of seasons. The fans even suggest that her fellow wives have verbally swum her every now and then.

So when Kody Meri’s opinion is sought and possibly her shoulder to lean on, this seems like a sudden change. But is the negative sentiment Sister Wives fans saw between Meri Brown and her husband the result of TLC editing? Or is the vibe we see on screen the real thing?

In marriage counseling, Kody Brown takes a stand on his relationship with Meri. That’s because Kody Brown refuses to work on his marriage to Meri Brown. But he also told the therapist that he “could never be honest” because she “is not willing to be the victim.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Takes Control

Kody Brown made it clear to ‘Sister Wives that he no longer lives with Meri Brown. It seemed to be in code that she’s out of the famous “rolling program” of “Sister Wives”. So when Kody approached Meri during a private chat without the other wives, it was weird. And she took control of their conversation.

At first, Meri seemed confused about why Kody Brown wanted to talk to her. Then he told her why he chose her. He claims it’s because Meri Brown wouldn’t freak out about their home situation. Because she didn’t want to move to Flagstaff in the first place. But Meri didn’t agree with his explanation about Sisterwives.

Then Kody Brown said he thought he’d get things out of his head. But did he succeed with “Sister Wives”? When Kody Brown talked about lowering house prices, Meri Brown took a stand. She told him that house stuff is Janelle’s domain. Then she said she’d tell Janelle and she wanted Kody there. Then Meri Brown ended the conversation.

What Was Kody Brown Looking For?

Before Kody Brown earmarked Meri for this speech, he expressed some strong emotions. The Sister Wives patriarch said he felt alone and that his wives blamed him for their financial problems. At the meeting at Meri’s house, Kody explained the family’s financial situation to Sister Wives’ ladies.

But when he was finished, all the women seemed unhappy. And Kody Brown looked almost defeated by the time he cornered Meri after the meeting and called her a “prisoner. Was Kody Brown fishing for sympathy? If he was, it didn’t seem to work. He said that he and Janelle were “just going to contradict each other.”

This shocked Meri Brown because she thinks those two are like-minded when it comes to finances. So, Meri Brown wouldn’t back down. She insisted on including Janelle in this conversation. She repeated this one more time to her Sister Wives husband. Then Kody Brown said that arguing “just upsets me.”

But Meri Brown still doesn’t bite. She insisted and submitted that conversation in case Janelle could be involved. Then Kody started talking about Robyn, who’s at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to lowering house prices. She’s against it. Kody told Meri, “Robyn and I… …in very different places.”

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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